New Radiance Sets Tweaked in Recent Bullroarer Patch

This was a bit of a stealth update that wasn’t mentioned at all in the patch notes but all the new radiance sets were upgraded with the most recent patch.  The Annuminas sets didn’t change all that much, just a point or two here or there.  The Helegrod sets though were buffed quite a bit and in many cases are some of the best pieces around.  I’m pretty happy about this for two reasons as it shows they’re still tweaking things as well as making sure the amount of effort matches the rewards.  The appearances of them haven’t changed but if you’re interested in the stats they’re worth a look.  If you need a refresher on the looks check out the Minstrel sets and the Warden and Captain sets.

I’ve updated my spreadsheets for the Warden, Captain, and Minstrel sets so check those out if you’re a number geek like me.

Google Docs Version

Excel File Version

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6 responses to “New Radiance Sets Tweaked in Recent Bullroarer Patch

  1. I love the Annuminas sets. They are really nice, indeed! It’s good to know that they are making tweaks and I’m looking forward to continuing to play a great game. 😉

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  3. Yeah the Helegrod rad gear looks pretty good. I think I will get that set, rather than the Dol Guldor one. The Sword Hall puts me to sleep & I have only done it twice. (Time to start savings thousands of skirmish marks)

    • Yeah, I think the Annuminas and Helegrod sets will be nice options for those not wanting to farm for the two 3 piece radiance sets. And in many cases are better then those sets. I think I’ll shoot for the Helegrod set but get the Annuminas sets for cosmetic purposes.

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