My Toons

I have 3 primary toons, and then a bunch of others that I either am just checking out, so I figured I’d post some snaps of them.  I started Live with a Captain who for a long while was my main.  I rolled a Minstral and that was actually my first toon to get a Balrog kill (and win the weapon roll).  At this time I was also in the Moors quite a bit – mainly working towards Rank 4 for the better map – makes it real handy to get around and I was having more fun out there with my Minnie.  Then I was lucky enough to get into the Moria beta and started playing around with the Warden.  I was intrigued by the name as my main in DAOC was a warden (totally different playstyle in all fashions) and the gambit idea looked interesting.  I absolutely loved the class and I think during beta I rolled about 5 or 6 different wardens 🙂  So fast-forward to now they’re all 60s and for the most part are pretty well equipped.  I’m still missing one watcher piece each on my Minstral and warden, but my captain has the full set – and all of them have watcher kills.  I’ve only been in DN a couple times, with my Minstral getting the boots.

For the epic lines, I’m all over the place.

  • My Warden has finished up to 8.4 on Volume 2 and is on 14.1 of Volume 1
  • My Captain is all finished!!  Well until Mirkwood
  • My Minstral has finished up to 8.6 on Volume 2 and is on 15.12 of Volume 1
    • Still need 5.5 though, all 3 quests

Below are some screen-shots with the character panels open.  My Minstral is standing outside my house in Thorin’s hall.


Warden in 21st…


Captain on Haldir’s Flet in Lorien


Minstral in front of my house


10 responses to “My Toons

  1. Holy smokes Doc, wow. 🙂 Nice gear on those toons!

  2. I love that UI, where did you get it?

  3. Azure glass is an awesome theme. I use the Fenrir wood for my hobbits though.

  4. May I ask how did you change position of your mini map?

    • if you use Ctrl+\ it allows you to reposition the elements of the UI

      • Thanks a lot 🙂
        But my hotbar still looks wierd yours look nicer. Can you check my ui, what is it i’m doing wrong?

      • So I’m looking at yours and it looks like the default UI – my shots are the Azure Glass UI (look up a couple comments for the link) so that’s part of the difference. But, it does look like your UI is a bit messed up (auto-attack is wonky) so you might try re-loading the client and/or switching to a different UI skin

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