Beta Armor Snapshots

I promised screenshots yesterday when I posted the stats for the new Warden and Captain radiance armor sets, so here they are.  I took them both on my Warden but you’ll get the idea.  Also, remember there’s no helm for the heavy Annuminas set.

Medium Annuminas Set:


Heavy Annuminas Set:


Warden Helegrod


Captain Helegrod:


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11 responses to “Beta Armor Snapshots

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  2. Wow! The captain Helegrod rad gear looks pretty cool.

    • yeah, I’m not sure I like the blue as it seems a little bright but hopefully it will dye pretty well. Currently on Bullroarer you’re not able to dye any of the new radiance gear so it is hard to tell. I think I still like the Annuminas sets better 🙂

  3. the medium Annuminas set is a gorgeous color, my favorite, actually.

    Very cool!

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  5. Not a bad thing but the medium Annuminas set says Mardi Gras marshal to me 🙂 Gold and purple are classic mardi gras colors.

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