New Minstrel Armor Set Data

I finally got around to adding in the Minstrel sets but I fail at Google Docs so I had to create a new Excel version but I could just append to the Google Docs.  I have both the Excel version and the Google Docs version depending on which you prefer.  Also, I took snapshots of the Minstrel set and remember the medium Annuminas set is the same as what I showed in the previous armor screenshots.

Light Annuminas

lotroclient 2010-08-03 19-45-17-95

Minstrel Helegrod

lotroclient 2010-08-03 19-49-24-10

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8 responses to “New Minstrel Armor Set Data

  1. Where do you barter for the new sets anyway? I tried a skirmish camp with no luck & even went to Evendim. Do I have to go Enedwaith?

  2. Thanks Doc, no wonder I couldn’t find it, I was looking at the armour vendors. 🙂

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  4. The light armour Annuminas set looks pretty good (cosmetically). Have you run any of the classic instances yet? If so, what’s your opinion on the time required to aquire a single piece? (realizing it’s still beta and could change of course!)

    • I haven’t run any of the instances, but I’ll double check on the requirements for the pieces as well as seeing if they’re different for the cosmetic sets.

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