Good Warden End-game Gear

This will probably have some spill-over for the other classes as well but I wanted to start keeping track of not only some of the better gear options but where some of these things drop.  The forums are a great resource for this kind of information but sometimes it can be hard to find and even lost due to forum wipes.

The armor sets are a little easier to keep up with and follow, but I do have some spreadsheets for Wardens, Captains, and Minstrels comparing the various sets statistically and visually.

When it comes to jewelry and cloaks it gets a little bit harder for 2 main reasons.  First off there’s just a lot more variety in these areas with crafted, drops, quest rewards, etc that all can be viable in certain cases.  But probably the tougher part is that many of these are random boss drops that don’t always drop so it can be hard to not only track them but remember where they dropped from.

I will have a separate page on my blog for this information here, in a similar fashion to how I’m archiving forum posts..

And for comparisons, if you’d like to see what I’m currently wearing you can look at the MyLOTRO pages for my Warden, Captain, and Minstrel.

Most of the information below is from the following thread on the forums – Best in Slot Discussion and there’s also some other good stuff over on the Codemasters Forums. In addition there’s another good resource over on the LOTRO Gear site.

Finally, even though I’ve posted some other items that are coming with the F2P launch, I’ll add those in later in case they tweak them again.

Please let me know what I’ve missed 🙂









5 responses to “Good Warden End-game Gear

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  2. This list also contains the better end-game jewelry for Champs. Right now I run with Tollochx2, Tinc-Iaeth, Black Pearl (Anvil is a tough drop and would be better for a champ!), Ril-Mir and Toringor, Lorechor, Sgt at Arms Bracelet and Pendivig-clog.

    I think the teal Cloak Of Shadow and Flame that potentially drops in 2.6.8 would be really nice for a Warden. At least, one of the uber Wardens in my kin wears it.

    • Yeah, actually I think many apply for just about all classes 🙂 but I am a bit selfish at times.

      And thanks for reminding about the Shadow and flame cloak, forgot about that one. Plus it just looks COOL!

  3. Thanks for the great info and links – I’m currently busy re-specing my hunter for BG with high morale in mind and this has helped me out allot to identify what I need. I really like the ‘lotrogear’ site.

    • Good luck in your re-spec! My problem usually isn’t in identifying the gear it is obtaining it 😦 I’ve played with the lotrogear site some and it is handy I agree.

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