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MyLOTRO Lottery User Interface Improvements

I just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to Fyurae from A Tale of Two Hunters Blog (and the Mordor or Bust Podcast) for re-posting this piece of wonderful scripting from the LOTRO main forums.  Essentially what this piece of Java script does is rework the lottery interface such that it is actually possible to see what you’re entered for and what you’ve won.  I have way too many alts to cycle through and this interface makes it pretty idiot proof, which is great for me.  And if you’re not a Firefox user, follow the links in the Forum post for how to add it to Chrome or IE.  I will admit, the Chrome setup is a bit easier but that’s just me 🙂

It is interfaces and tweaks like this that make me so excited for the launch of the Lua scripting capability in LOTRO!

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New Class specific LOTRO lotteries…

So I figured these would be like the others and not all that exciting, but one of the items is a 2nd age class specific legendary item!  Not too shabby for just logging in on MyLotro.  And in logging I saw my little burglar farmer won one of the lowbie lotteries – hopefully he has enough slots to hold the stuff 😉

It seems like Turbine wants more traffic on the MyLOTRO sites, maybe they have something planned down the pipe?  Or maybe they just want more folks using it for a stress test…

Good luck!