Just starting this blog out to play around a bit.  Primarily focused mainly on Lord of the Rings Online, but I do play and track various other games as well.  In addition to MMOs, I do enjoy single player RPGs so you’ll see me comment on games like Dragon Age and my “new” addiction Mount & Blade.

I’ve been playing MMOs for a while now and have become a tad addicted I will admit.

  • Before MMOs I was a MUDer and played Avalon: The Legend Lives which I still play from time to time (almost 15 years after I started)
  • First one that really hooked me was SWG which I got in on the beta for.  Played that till just after the infamous NGE patch.
  • I then went to DAOC, which I really enjoyed.  The RvR combat system there I thought was perfect and I had a blast out in PvP there.
  • After DAOC I tried a bunch of others until I somehow got into the closed Beta for LOTRO.  I was incredibly skeptical that they could actually pull it off until the first time I ran Volume 1 book 1, chapter 11 – that quest totally blew me away.  From there I was hooked and have been playing ever since.
  • Since then I’ve tried a bunch of other games to see what else is out there
    • Warhammer
    • Age of Conan
    • Eve Online
      • I do like the concept here, just the grind is a tad much and 2 MMOs are too much for me
    • GuildWars
    • DDO
      • I have the new Unlimited version installed and will probably play that some
    • Probably others, but that’s all that I can think of at the moment.

A bit more on me in LOTRO, I’ve been playing LOTRO since Feb. of 2007 when I first joined closed beta, almost immediately became addicted and snapped up my lifetime subscription as soon as they announced it.  I mainly played my Captain and Minstrel as a relatively hardcore player primarily focused on raiding but also doing quite a bit of Monster Play.  I was then a part of the Moria beta and instantly became attached to the Warden class.  I rolled a bunch of them during beta to help test things out and then made my Warden my main character once Moria launched.  I quickly leveled her to the cap and have tanked all of the Moria instances with the exception of the Watcher (I have killed it numerous times though) and DN.  I was also involved in the Mirkwood beta and helped smooth the Wardens through the massive combat revamp.  Around this time is when I started my blog with the goal to help better communicate to Wardens the other players what the class could and could not do.  In addition to blogging, you can also find my guest spot on LOTRO Reporter episode 15.

Feel free to contact me here, on twitter @docholidayj, via email at docholidayj7@yahoo.com, or on the LOTRO forums as the poster Hudson7.


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  2. Your blog is amazing! Where did you get the cool skin you are using in this post?


    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the complements! I’m not sure if you mean my LOTRO skin or my blog theme, but here’s both 🙂

      Blog theme – Monochrome
      LOTRO UI Skin – Divine UI Gold Edition with the main bar moved off to the right side. The skin is available at lotrointerface.com. I mainly use it since it has a very minimal look.

  3. Blog theme – MonochromeLOTRO UI Skin – Divine UI Gold Edition with the main bar moved off to the right side. The skin is available at lotrointerface.com. I mainly use it since it has a very minimal look.

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