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Patch thoughts and other ramblings

I’ll have a few updates today, but the main LOTRO news is the first Siege of Mirkwood patch which rolls live tomorrow.  In addition I wanted to mention a new release of a handy in-game tool and an update on my progress so far.

First off, the patch. Check out the release notes, as there really aren’t that many but some very significant ones:

  • Incoming healing has been fixed to not be defended by tactical crit rating!
  • The skirmish exploit has been fixed
  • The Survival – Barrow Downs skirmish is back up
  • Skirmish kill XP now has a buff icon.  I didn’t even realize this XP was buffed 😉
  • Non Siege of Mirkwood players are no longer limited to 3 skirmishes
  • Summoning a pet (or banner) will no longer wipe soldier vitals!
  • Item wear on defeat has been decreased inside skirmishes
    • This helps, but general item wear is still pretty steep
  • All legendary items will be reset to 0 spent points
  • Various legendary item legacy tier increases have been fixed to actually be beneficial.  I’m not sure this is a complete list of the “broken” ones but it is a good step.
  • Quest items can no longer be kept in shared storage – not sure if this applies to level 45 quest items or not
  • Various other skirmish and instance updates as well.

For those of you who use CStats, there’s an update available – this thread has the details. The main updates are for healing and skirmish soldiers.  He’s also made the graphs prettier 🙂  With the updates for the soldiers should make it easier to do analysis on which soldier is best – especially now that healing is properly tracked and accounted for.

For you lore geeks out there (like me) the Tolkein Professor is back in class!  He just posted the first part of lecture 5 on the Hobbit and will be posting his new class which starts today.  Check him out over here.

And finally, a little update on my progress.  My captain is now 62, but I mainly was working on him to build rep up as he’s my metalsmith.  I really wanted that shield on my warden 🙂  I’m now planning to shift gears and work on my Minstrel – partly to level but also for rep as I’m intrigued by some of the jewelry options.  My warden is slowly updating her gear and I now have 3 pieces of the mixed radiance set (the +15 and +25).  I’ve also successfully solo’d the first boss in sword halls – the morrovals however are pretty darn annoying 😉  The other big news for me is I have left my kinship after much internal debating and a couple of in-game events.  Basically it just wasn’t a good fit as there were things that I was looking for.  The kin was mainly focused on running BG and as such all efforts were centered on not only that but getting used to the folks running that raid.  And as someone who’s fallen behind due to the holidays, I was in need of other things.  So, the kinship quest begins and I’ll probably post on my progress but so far I haven’t done all that much.  But, if anyone has any suggestions for a good end-game kinship (that has event sign-ups) on Silverlode let me know!

More later, including lots of good Warden discussions from the LOTRO forums!

Quick correction on the Mirkwood reputation rewards

I just realized that I confused the new mounts a bit.  I wasn’t aware the the reward for completing all the Mirkwood Dol Guldur hard modes was a horse 🙂  So, the horse I linked in this post yesterday, is the war steed which is the reward for completing the hard-modes.

The actual reputation horse which is barterable for 20 gold star medallions is shown on the Steeds of Middle Earth site and a snapshot below:

Personally, I’m not sold on the war-steed look but this rep horse looks pretty slick 😉  I’ll be sporting a new horse in no less then 2 days!

Mirkwood reputation and Skirmish rewards

I should have at least two more posts today, one with some warden info and the other with some updates from yesterday (including videos).  And there may or may not be a Bioware rant in there too…

I hadn’t seen this listed out before, and I certainly hadn’t see the horse pictured so I figured I’d share these links from the main forums.  None of the rewards are terribly exiting but the potions are nice and the damage scrolls are very handy.  Otherwise, Mirkwood reputation is a bit underwhelming.

Pretty good listing of non-legendary item reputation rewards

Horse Screenshot (Complete all 4 Dol Guldur Hard Modes)

Mirkwood War Steed

Horse Screenshot (20 Gold Star Emblems)

Mirkwood Smokey Black Reputation Horse


Above’s a shot of the reputation vendor, and me showing off the dress.  And yes, it does look great with my new ranger mask 😉  The other dress looks the same just without the sleeves.  The Scroll of Delving is what adds 10 levels to your legendary item (Edit – Per MisterEcho any item up to level 65) and the Scroll of Renewal resets your spent legendary points to zero allowing you to re-allocate them if you want.  And for clarification the Scroll of Delving doesn’t change the damage output of the LI, it just allows you to gain more experience on it to increase the ranks of your legacies.  The weapon damage scrolls are at the bottom and there are a few, but they’re all Beleriand damage + 3 to a particular mob type.

I also wanted to post the links to the skirmish rewards that Merric posted over on CStM as he was nice enough to not only compile the list of items you can see in the dressing room but also with some help show the soldier items too.

Cosmetic Clothing

Cosmetic Items

Elf Maiden

Redeeming Marks

Fun times with Flake droppers

So I posted this on You-tube but it was one of those fun fights where after a while I realized I was being incredibly stupid and not fighting with weapons or a shield.  You would’ve thought I would figure that out sooner – but it took me until I was at about 1/3 health to realize how big an idiot I am.  Luckily this is something wardens are really good at recovering from and I was able to morale surf enough to bring him down.  And now I have another Mithril flake waiting for when I get to Kindred with the Mirkwood elves and see what goodies they have to craft.

Yule festival and beer

The Yule festival started today, and I’m having a blast.  CStM has the full scoop on the festival, the quests, rewards, etc so check it out there for the details.  I did end up getting the new horse – which doesn’t look that much different, but a tad prettier.  I’ve done all the quests so far and nothing terribly exciting with the quests, but the rewards are quite cool (IMO).

Here’s some screen shots of me with a couple of the new items and both yule horses in front of my house.  The new horse is on the left.

ScreenShot00167 ScreenShot00169 ScreenShot00180

By far the best part of the festival is the beer fight.  I’ve uploaded a video of one of the runs, but there’s no cooldown (not sure that’s intended or not) and not only do you get barter tokens but Inn League Reputation!  So I finally have the dance_jig emote 🙂

Digesting the patch notes

Holy cow, there are a lot of them however they are broken up into quite a few bite-sized chunks.  And most of them are things already covered in depth in their Developer Diaries.  Things like:

all have been covered quite well and commented on here.  So I’m skipping past that and am going to highlight some other notes I thought were interesting.  However there are a ton of notes, so please check them out for yourself while you’re waiting for the servers.

  • Radiance changes
    • It now takes 8 gloom to start to cower as opposed to 5
    • Radiance no longer counters death dread, only instance gloom
  • Preparing for War – The races of Middle-earth have been preparing for war, improving their offensive and defensive capabilities.
    • Hobbits have been taking extra practice at throwing stones. Their improved aim means they now have a chance to daze their targets with a well-placed rock.
    • Humans have been training to improve their hand-to-hand skills. As a result they have become somewhat adept at dazing opponents with well-placed uppercuts.
    • Dwarves have been sparring in taverns throughout their lands to measure their worth. As a result they have become skilled at landing a headbutt that is well-placed and hard enough to potentially daze their opponent.
    • The Elves have been improving their defensive skills. As a result they have become more adept at deflecting some incoming damage when inspired by Eldar’s Grace
  • Quite a few class specific changes
  • Lots of Monster play changes, including diminishing returns on all crowd control.
  • Fixed a lot of the issues with mis-labeling items on the Auction House
  • All sorts of UI changes
    • main one here for me is the ability to activate a skill from the char panel – handy for ports and less frequently used skills
    • UI Skinning improvements
      • Also expanded the UI save options
  • Very nice chat feature – “Stop repeated keys in chat” which is under the “Chat” options and prevents you from spamming wwwwwwwwww like we’ve all done before
  • Instance barter changes – each instance in a cluster (Moria, Lorien, Mirkwood) will now drop medallions from each boss and challenge quests that can be bartered for either armor or legendary items.
  • The Ornate gate key from Carn Cum is now lootable by everyone in your group (pretty darn handy!)
  • Quite a few crafting changes – some are in the dev diary.  But the notes appear to be more specific.
  • Lots of quest related changes

    Dev Diary – Mirkwood Crafting Changes

    So there’s a fair number of changes coming up for crafting with Mirkwood as the new diary explains.  Overall there are some nice additions and changes, but nothing overwhelmingly exciting.  I also found a good legendary page on the Lorebook so check it out – link is at the bottom of the post and on my links section.

    • Multi-output Recipes allow for a single recipe to make variations of that item.  The pictures below show the item pretty well.  This is a welcome change, I just wish they’d do something similar for armor – having 4 of the same recipe is rather annoying.
    • image002_small image003

    Legendary Item Crafting

    • We will still be able to craft 3rd and 2nd ages up to level 65, however as a note – level 65 2nd age items are only available through crafting!  This will be interesting to see how this plays out, but it will certainly jack up prices on the AH for them.  These 2nd age recipes also require an item found in “dangerous, dark places” which I’m assuming to mean the new Dol Goldor instances.  The 2nd age requires 2 mithril infused ingots (or comparable item), 5 legendary fragments, and the Symbol of Celebrimbor – which is that instance item, and does not appear to be on the skirmish vendor.

    Crafted Relic Recipes

    • There’s a new slot for legendary items that can only be filled with a crafted relic.  There are 2 types:
      • Normal – boost agility, fate, might, vitality, will, morale, or power with one type being available per crafting guild.  However, they are not bound to your player so you can trade them.
      • Legendary – boost melee, ranged, tactical, or healing abilities with all guilds able to make all of them.  These add +390 rating to both the critical and offense rating for melee, ranged, critical, and healing.  However, these are bound to your character so in order to make these I’m you’ll need Kindred rank with the guild and Supreme Mastery, not just proficiency.
      • I looked on my characters, and metalsmiths make +might, jewelers +will, and tailors +fate – with +10 and +20 as the 2 options.  The +10 item is just ingots, but the +20 requires a “Compendium of Middle Earth, Volume 1” which is a barter item from skirmishes for regular marks and a special drop mark.  The Legendary requires a different Compendium but is also available from the Skirmish camps.

    Trading up your guild reputation items is now available such that you can trade smaller items for the larger ones with the long cool-downs:

    • 7 small guild reputation items equals 1 medium item of that same tier
    • 3 medium items equals 1 large item of that tier (although Bullroarer has it at 5)

    And finally some general crafting changes:

    • The required ingredients for many of the “component’” recipes have been reduced
    • Auto granted recipes no longer require items from other professions.
    • Increased crafting experience for some recipe types
      • Auto-granted recipes = 6 crafting xp
      • Vendor purchased recipes = 8 crafting xp
      • Dropped recipes and reputation rewards = 10 crafting xp
      • One-shot recipes = 12 crafting xp

    So some nice changes and I do like that they’re making crafting worthwhile but there still is something lacking for me.  Full article on the new crafting changes are over here.  Also, check out the lorebook as there is a really good breakout for legendary items.

    Inn League Reputation

    Holy cow, so I just started working on this on my warden – and I have to say there’s a whole lotta drinkin goin on.  I did the pub crawl, all 23 drinks, and all the quests – I’m still 11 pub-crawls from Friend with the Inn League.

    Too bad RL actions can’t carry over, or wait – maybe its good that in-game actions don’t carry over to RL 😉

    Dev Diary – Skirmish Rewards

    Latest dev diary from Zombie Columbus (ZC) is up with the highly anticipated rewards information on the skirmishes.  First all the info, then my thoughts at the end.

    Monster Loot

    • Only end boss will drop coins (silver) and in ZC’s words, a rather large amount
    • Lieutenants, Bosses, and optional encounters will reward skirmish marks
    • Daily quest rewards for completing the skirmish
    • all other mobs have zero loot
    • Experience and Item XP will be rewarded as normal for mob kills

    Skirmish Marks

    • Barter items that can be traded at the skirmish camps (explained below)
    • Awarded for
      • control point taken
      • NPC ally survival
      • Boss Kills
    • Calculated on a per player basis, so they’re not divided amongst the fellowship
    • Vary based on
      • Level of the skirmish
      • Fellowship size
      • Difficulty

    Special Marks

    • Drops from LTs and Bosses in skirmishes
      • required in addition to normal marks for better items
      • tooltip on the mark will detail the level and size skirmish that has a chance to drop
      • upgradable and down-gradable via vendors
    • Skirmish Campaign Marks
      • Skirmishes are broken into 4 campaigns initially with Mirkwood release
      • drops from optional encounters
      • used for cosmetic rewards

    Each skirmish will have a daily quest that’s available and rewards almost as much as the entire skirmish such that it becomes more rewarding to do each daily quest tied to skirmishes as opposed to the same one repeatedly.  This is a good way to get us to try them all!

    Skirmish camps are the hub for skirmishes and are outside of all major cities or travel locations.  They’ll have various NPCs related to the system including places to barter your marks and the Skirmish Captain who is the “bard” for you soldier’s traits.

    Soldier Traits

    • Rankable up to 20
    • Categories
      • Attribute – soldier’s role and cosmetic appearance
      • Skill – role specific traits that grant new abilities
      • Training – passive bonuses like crit, morale, etc.
      • Personal – bonuses to the PLAYER, but only inside of skirmishes
    • All gain strength as you rank
    • Some will need to be unlocked via scrolls from the vendors
    • Rank upgrades are level dependant to keep the soldier scaled to the players level
      • in summary the higher the character level the lower the upgrade cost

    Specific rewards

    • idea is to complement not replace normal gameplay
    • use skirmishes to fill in the gap, and will be of lower quality then top tier crafting/end-game
    • nice part is there’s no variation as compared to the AH
    • Some rewards (Veteran rewards) will require marks from fellowship skirmishes, but since the marks can be upgraded it is feasible to get them via solo play – it just might take a while longer
    • Vendors:
      • Armor – various level ranges and also veteran items.  As strong as same level quest rewards, with veteran pieces being a little stronger.  Start at level 30 and progress to level 65.
      • Jewelry and Cloaks – same as armor
      • Weapons – same as armor but after 50, only off-hand weapons
      • Legendary Items – runics, IXP runes, scrolls, and the various new goodies mentioned in the previous LI dev diary
      • Crafting – scroll cases, crit components, and some new components with SoM
      • Cosmetics – housing, clothing, and solider items
      • Curiosities – reputation rewards, various items from old quests, and mark upgrades
      • Provisioner – sell/repair, and barter for potions

    Good read, check out the full post over here – Dev Diary from ZC.

    Overall it looks like some really good stuff.  I like that not all the traits are focused on our soldier but us as well.  As for the rewards, I think they hit just about everything I’d want.  It will be very nice for leveling as you can pick and chose what items from skirmishes and what items from quest/crafting you want.  We’ll have to see how this plays out at the end game.

    I’m guessing, and @arbitrarygenius mentioned the same on twitter that the “various items from old quests” are talking about the level 45 class items – which if true would be AWESOME!  I also love being able to barter for reputation, that will be another very nice way to augment that system – especially with all the new reputation changes coming.  And of course, we can never have enough cosmetic items, hopefully there will be some new ones!

    The rewards wouldn’t be complete without some LI options, which I’m glad to see another way to get runics (which I’m assuming are the relic cases) as that grind can be painful to get the tier 6-8 relics.  I’m also glad to see the various scrolls added as well, that will be nice to have a guaranteed way to get them as opposed to random.

    Granted, with all these rewards we haven’t seen the numbers nor how many Marks drop per skirmish, but I’m all for the idea of knowing exactly how much I’ll have to do to get something I want.  This takes a lot of the random-ness out of the game, and really helps the LI system which is plagued by the “lottery” feel.

    Fall Festival Fun

    So I decided to have some fun and pick up some of the festival items and work towards the Jig on my warden – she has all the other dances, so figured I’d complete the set.  I didn’t go full out, but enough to get the pumpkin mask and the tavern quest chain.  Thanks to Goldenstar over at the Casual Stroll to Mordor for the excellent walkthroughs of the festival quests and also Tavern rep.  You can find them over here – Fall Festival and Other Festival Quests.  The tavern quest chain probably is one of my more favorite quests as the drunken graphics are pretty impressive.  I captured a video of the last stage of the pub crawl and posted it as well (and yes, that’s Jimmy Buffett as the background music, not planned but fitting).  I did it earlier in the day on my captain and was suffering from the Forochel Fog bug plus the drunken state – talk about hard to see!

    I then figured I’d take a couple of snaps from the chairs outside of Bag End to wind down from my afternoon of intoxication.

    Taking a break ScreenShot00101 ScreenShot00103

    ScreenShot00104 ScreenShot00105 ScreenShot00106

    Finally, I went on a hunt for the Black Rider terrorizing the Shire, but he slipped by me 😦