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New Minstrel Armor Set Data

I finally got around to adding in the Minstrel sets but I fail at Google Docs so I had to create a new Excel version but I could just append to the Google Docs.  I have both the Excel version … Continue reading

Beta Armor Snapshots

I promised screenshots yesterday when I posted the stats for the new Warden and Captain radiance armor sets, so here they are.  I took them both on my Warden but you’ll get the idea.  Also, remember there’s no helm for … Continue reading

Finished the armor set comparisons

So I finally uploaded the minstrel set.  And I found out that Google Docs also allows you to upload the original file without converting it.  So there are 2 versions available – the Google one and the Microsoft one. Microsoft … Continue reading

Warden Armor updates

I’ve gotten some great feedback both here and on the LOTRO boards about these spreadsheets so I ended up not only testing some things out in-game but also making some additions to it. For the gear, I ended up trying … Continue reading

Armor set data

So I ended up posting the full spreadsheet that I used to create my warden and captain armor set comparison posts from yesterday up on Google Docs.  So if you want the raw data you can grab it.  I will … Continue reading

Captain Armor Set options

I already had a bunch of this, and since I just did the Warden set – figured I’d post the Captain sets too.  I may or may not get a chance to get out the Minstrel sets today but that’s … Continue reading

Warden Armor Set Comparison

So I was checking out this thread on the warden Forums and figured I’d pull together a listing of all the sets, their stats, and their bonuses such that we could compare not only the sets but the individual pieces … Continue reading

My plan for my F2P Turbine Points

So I posted this question a couple days ago (the poll is still open) but I figured I’d share my plan.  I’m expecting to have at least 5000 Turbine points just counting the Loyalty rewards, but I know I will … Continue reading

Today’s update to Bullroarer

As I quoted yesterday, Sapience indicated that some of the items in the store have been tweaked.  Now granted, I will admit I may be a build or two behind on some of these but I did want to talk … Continue reading

Good Warden End-game Gear

This will probably have some spill-over for the other classes as well but I wanted to start keeping track of not only some of the better gear options but where some of these things drop.  The forums are a great … Continue reading