Promising news from Turbine Regarding Horses in F2P Store

So there’s been some talk on this one by both Mordor or Bust and Casual Stroll to Mordor but I did want to post the confirmation post from Sapience:

Reputation mounts were removed based on beta player feedback.

For those of you who think betas or our feedback don’t matter, here’s another case where they do.  I’m quite happy that they’ve been removed, although I would’ve been ok if they figured out a way to make them gated behind reputation.  A couple posts down Sapience continues to mention that they’re still tweaking prices based on player feedback and there will be another update before launch.  Good stuff and I’m happy to see the direction they’re moving in to try and balance the store out.


3 responses to “Promising news from Turbine Regarding Horses in F2P Store

  1. That’s too bad.

    I know that the popular opinion was to be all upset about this – but as a long term casual customer (I’ve been playing – not from launch – but before Moria) – I’ve paid monthly – I could never afford the ‘long term’ price so I don’t have any discounts on that sub.

    My highest character is 38. I know that ya’ll have multiple capped toons and worry about legacies and stuff I’ve not even seen.

    Well I’ll be happy when I *get* to Moria. And I plan to keep the sub – because I like the game.

    Biggest thing I was looking forward to with the F2P conversion was the ability to buy some of the horses I’ll never (likely) see.

    So – just a note from someone disappointed in this news.

    • I can certainly see where you’re coming from and in your case I agree it would be nice to have other options available. I would’ve preferred some middle ground, but who knows they might tweak it some down the road.

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