Developer Diary – Vault Changes

I’ll keep this quick as I just wanted to make a couple comments on the latest Dev Diary on the new Vault. I really like the new vault and since I will most likely be buying more slots it will become much more useful.  With all the icons, it can get hard to find things sometimes so the filters really do help.

However the part that I really wanted to point out was the discussion on the beta feedback.  This new vault caused a HUGE uproar and I was quite impressed by how Turbine not only responded but let the players vent.  This to me is the main reason why there are NDA’s as if that news had hit live, people would’ve gone even more ballistic and many would have not come back or at least the damage would have been done before Turbine had a chance to flesh out the system.  In addition (I know this will come off as me being a fan-boi) but Turbine does seem to be more than willing to let people disagree with them and that the main reason they shut down threads is do to flaming.  They didn’t completely change their course but I think their compromise shown below is a very good attempt to satisfy everyone.

It will take a bit to get used to the new vault, but overall it will be a more flexible and scalable system.


4 responses to “Developer Diary – Vault Changes

  1. >.>

    Its DOOOOOM I tell you! DOOOOOM!


    Yeah, it will take a bit of getting used to – the filters almost make up for the loss of visual sorting, and with time I will forget the old vault even existed (you know what I mean 😉 ). It is going to take a while to re-organize when this hits Live though – I don’t necessarily know _what_ is sorted where – but I instinctively know where to put/grab things when I talk to the vault keeper.

    Great post 🙂

    • yeah, short term it will be a bit rough but I think long term it is the right thing to do. My organization makes sense, but isn’t perfect so having a system like this in place will help me once I start using it.

  2. The other thing that I am not sure is mentioned in the Dev diary (I have not looked at it yet.) is that this will supposedly help with the server loads from what I understand. I remember from some of the past Dev discussions that the old bag and bank structure is actually a large load on the overhead of the servers due to the amount of space in the SQL databases that each bag slot and item in them take up (this a big reason for them not increasing the number or size of character bags). I also seem to remember that when the did the shared storage someone at turbine mentioned that the coding for that was cleaner for them so I am guessing that is a big reason for the bank and cosmetics borrowing from that design,

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