Examples of the Lua Scripting Plugins

I played around quite a bit with the Lua Plugins during beta and I wanted to share some of the plugins that I really enjoyed.  I also suggest checking out the LOTRO Plugins site and keep your eye on the LOTRO Interface site for more details on the plugins and some help in how to actually script using Lua.  I will admit I didn’t write any plugins I just used them and tested them out.

Here’s a screenshot of my listing of the plugins I played around with:


A favorite for all you Wardens (and Hunters) who hate taking quickslots up with travel options, look at the right side of this shot:


It takes all the ports, maps, etc. and puts them on a scroll bar such that you can just select the one you want and use it instead of having all of them loaded.

I’m a bit on the fence about the bag-space options, but certainly I like the option to set them up in different ways.  Check out the before and after:


However, by far my favorite ones are the Plugins that allow you to re-orient how your vitals display looks.  In the below shots, just focus on the area at the center of the screen and not the Warden wheel section, I’ll get to that.  The area at the center is actually 2 plugins, Palantir and FX – FX is just the horizontal bar and Palantir is everything else.


Palantir puts up the big morale and power bars which for me are much easier to look at then the normal display.  It also has boxes at the bottom which light up when hit by a fear, poison, wound, or disease.  The FX Bar is a nicer customizable display of all buffs and de-buffs on your character.  The nicest thing for me is the “wheel” count-down that graphically shows how much time said effect has before it wears off.  I absolutely LOVE this as it REALLY helps know when things are coming on and off.  The top of the bar shows all the buffs I have up and the bottom any debuffs.  Another nice option is shown off below in that you can select buffs/debuffs and have them show bigger whenever that same effect comes up again as shown in this shot below:


You can see these in action in this quick video I took:

As for the Warden Trainer, it is a cool little script where you can right click and get a list of the gambits and it will populate the bar with the correct builders.  I can see that really helping folks out in learning the gambits or if there’s one critical gambit you always forget.  The gambit loaded below is Mighty Blow.


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15 responses to “Examples of the Lua Scripting Plugins

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  2. Great info. I can’t wait to see this stuff take off.

    • Yeha, I’m pretty excited by it as well – can’t wait to see what other come up with. Or for that matter what I’m able to do when I get the chance 😉

  3. This looks like a good start – I guess I have to do a little forum digging to see what kind of LUA scripts, if any, are Champ specific. I’m not sure I could ever play with my character obscured with GUI elements like that. Pretty intriguing stuff though, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Those screenshots look exactly like WoW screens.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Have to admit i’m a little giddy now 🙂 I posted a link in the lotro wardens forum to lead folks back here, hope ya don’t mind.

  6. Doc, Where can we download these add-ons?

  7. I’ve tried the lotroplugins site but couldn’t find anything : ( and at the lotro interface site, i couldn’t tell what was a beta plugin and what was a skin.

    • I believe since they only work on the Bullroarer (Beta) client most people are just publishing them on the LOTRO Beta Boards under the Lua Scripting section. You should notice the “Lua Script Depot” as a sub-folder in that section which will have not only the plugins but also directions for installing and use.

  8. found them! thanks

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