Updated Warden and Captain Armour Sets

As I promised in my previous post today I did capture the new set information for the Annuminas and Helegrod armour sets.  I have since updated both the spreadsheet and Google Docs version of my previous armor comparisons for those who care.  I have not updated the Minstrel sets, but I will include the light and medium Annuminas sets for that one.  Overall the sets aren’t bad but really they’re just providing another path and option for folks if they want to get the required radiance.  When Bullroarer comes back up I will post with some screen-shots of what these look like and the barter levels but essentially they look like the original versions with different color schemes.  Basically the same idea as what they did with the moors sets.

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5 responses to “Updated Warden and Captain Armour Sets

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  2. Your spreadsheet link is not working for me. And the one from your older post is still the old one.

    • NM, got it to work, my bad.

      • Actually I was tweaking with the settings – apparently the link doesn’t always get passed through properly. Switched it over based after trying to use it from the forums 🙂

        Should work fine, let me know if there are issues.

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