Tell the Community Team – Wardens

No surprise here, I have some thoughts on this one 🙂  And I strongly recommend all you Wardens to post your thoughts as well.  I’m going to just copy/paste what I have here into the thread on the live forums.

Question 1
Give three examples of changes or improvements you would make to improve the Warden class (e.g. skills and abilities). Please limit your responses to 3 brief examples. Wardens only please!
1. Lower the power costs of the gambit builders themselves, we have lots of ways to drop the gambit costs but they don’t apply to the builders which are the big problems.
2. Another ranged attack would really help us fulfill a secondary ranged DPS role.
3. Some way to recover threat after a death.  Something on a long cool-down that pops us back to our pre-death level, or even pre-death level minus some percentage.
Question 2
If you could create one new legacy to add to the Warden’s Legendary Item pool, what would it be? Please specify whether you feel it should be a Pool A or Pool B legacy.

Javelin Pool A – Exaultation of Battle +Healing/Leach

Question 3
Thinking about set bonuses, what bonuses do you find most useful? Least useful? Please give 2 examples of each and please specify which set you are referring to.
Most Useful
1. Dance of war threat transfer increase from the Moria set
2. –50% Power cost for Resolution from the Rift set

Least Useful
1. Hampering Javelin duration on the Moors set as the level 50 set has a better bonus then the 58 set 😦
2. 10% greater threat on the Warden’s taunt as this is such a small part of our overall threat from the Helegrod set.

I didn’t post this as I think it might be a tad OP – but I’d love an Onslaught Increased Targets legacy, AOE DPS and interrupts would be a blast!

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8 responses to “Tell the Community Team – Wardens

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  2. thanks for posting this info! i havent been to the forums yet, as i am at work, and cannot access them on this computer. i wanted to state that im a warden player too, and i agree with you. i think there should be more javelin abilities, but i also believe that some other abilities should be cut. id like to see less of a group oriented class as far as healing goes, and more of an aggro holder. i havent ever really had a difficult time maintaining aggro, except when im with hunters.

    • The only time I really get into trouble is when I get stunned, other than that unless I’m just not paying attention I don’t have threat issues that much but I’ll be curious to see what they do with the info from these threads as I don’t think they’re part of the F2P launch.

      • so do you think theyre not going to take peoples experience and suggestions into concideration? its possible. im really glad theyre bringing the warden class into the light with that thread. i made the reluctant mistake of choosing a warden as my first ever mmo toon, and literally grew up with him, so im quite fond of the class. i havent played in months, as i am in the army, so i havent been privy to the new updates, plus im moving, so i probably wont be able to play until the launch anyways.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean that they won’t take them into account I just think any changes will come after the launch of F2P as a class specific update similar to what they did back in the Shadows of Angmar days. Essentially each path revamped a couple of classes.

        I love the class as well and can’t wait to see what is coming down the road.

  3. ok, i kind of figured thats what you were getting after. that would seem probable also, thanks for the info. btw, i play(will return to) on silverlode, my main is lyandon, if you play on there, look me up.

  4. my account is inactive at the moment, ill be back up and running as soon as i get settled in to my new house. probably september time frame.

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