Daily Archives: July 23, 2010

New Tron Legacy Trailer

I really haven’t been in LOTRO all that much this past week as a combination of RL, lack of in-game events, and also catching up on a few other things, but I should have some posts up this weekend regarding all the news of late.

But, one thing that I wanted to post on that I saw this morning was the new trailer for Tron Legacy at Comic-con.  I have quite fond memories of not only the Tron movie but also the various games it spawned so I’ve had this movie on my radar for a while.  However, I must admit until this trailer that I was very skeptical about it.  But this trailer changed all that real fast as it has me really fired up about this movie and I’d love to see what other tie-ins come out for it.  The trailer not only has some very cool visual teases but gives more of the story, which I was very concerned about.  I didn’t want just a remake of the original (which was kinda what it seemed like from the previous trailers) but something that ties into it, updates it, and expands on it.

I’m not sure Tron would fit into an MMO, but it certainly would be an interesting IP to try 🙂  And certainly would be very well set-up for PvP

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