Daily Archives: July 20, 2010

Tell the Community Team Thread – Minstrels

This weeks TtCTT is up and the class of focus is the Minstrel, which is another of my mains so I wanted to not only suggest that folks submit their responses but I also wanted to share mine.

I could only come up with 2 suggestions for things to change:

  • I’d like to see some more melee options for the Minstrel in War-speech.  This becomes a real problem with all the silences and such and I’d love to see something else other then Herald’s Strike and our auto-attacks.
  • Probably a bigger problem for Minstrels is that our heals don’t scale with the changes in the morale pools for characters up to level 65.  I will admit I’m not sure what the right solution here is but some tweak would be very nice to scale those heals better now that we have many characters quite easily eclipsing 10K morale.

As for a new legacy, I would like to see a power return addition to Herald’s Strike.  Nothing over the top but a little something to help with the ridiculous power drain of being in War-speech.

As for set bonuses, I’m really not a fan of stat bonuses so I’d be more then happy if those went away,  Or if they’re going to stick with those use a stat that doesn’t have a hard cap like power or morale.  As for ones I like, anything that makes me heal better with less power is good or things that reduce threat.  The other nice bonus is on the BG set which has a boost to Fellowship’s Heart.

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