Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 does Lord of the Rings

So I just finished watching the 3 clips Rifftrax (one of the companies created by the MST3000 guys) have posted and I figured I’d share for those fans of MST3000.  For those of you not familiar with MST3000, it basically is 3 guys cracking jokes and other observations during the movie.  You can download the full track from their website and then play that while watching the movies.  Each of the 3 clips is about 10 minutes so you can get a good feel for what you’re in for.  All three movies are $11.99 or you can buy them separately for $4.99.  Sadly the track’s are just for the theatrical version and not the extended cuts 😦 but that’s still a whole lot of content!

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Popular Videos Moved

For those of you who enjoyed the Warden video and the one for the Loremaster done by EveNArtworkS they have moved.  I saw this on the forums and wanted to re-post here too as the original copies of these videos that I linked to previously have been moved over to YouTube.  I also updated my original post as well.

Here are the links for the Warden Video and the LoreMaster video,  I’ll also embed them here as well.

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