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Podcast re-cap and updates

The Casual Stroll to Mordor folks have been running a series of class specific round-tables, the first of which being for the Minstrels.  All sorts of good information as they had a good mix of play-styles represented.  So if you’re interested in learning about the class or how to better group with Minstrels it is a great listen.

The second of the classes they’ve covered is the Warden and I had a blast as one of the participants on that episode.  It hasn’t been released, but as soon as it is I will put up the link.  I will admit, in hindsight I might’ve been a tad on the confident (or cocky) side but as a tank I do think you need to have a bit of that mentality.  Again we did have a good mix of playstyles like the Minstrel roundtable so that made for some great discussions.

Both of these round-tables have also been broadcast live on the LOTRO Network (just like the LOTRO Reporter) with a chat room so even if you’re not invited to chat you can still chime in and ask questions or provide additional information.  Plus the chatrooms usually are pretty fun environments 🙂  CStM has usually been posting before they record if they’re doing it live and the LOTRO Reporter folks usually record late Wednesday nights for those of us not on the West coast and announce the start via Twitter.

I also wanted to mention the Through the Palantir folks as they just released the long awaited Moors episode.  I will admit it is a bit of a long episode, but it is SO worth it.  If you have any desire to learn about the Moors or if you’re looking to brush up on it (like me) I highly recommend the episode as they go through the mechanics, landscape, classes, and much more.

And finally there’s another new podcast out there for your listening pleasure.  Sparthir from the LOTRO World blog site has posted his first episode which is available from the site and also from iTunes.  I really do enjoy having multiple casts as everyone has slightly different takes on the game and covers different topics.

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Whole lotta news last week

So it figured Turbine starts to really pump things out while I’m totally bogged down with work and I’m not real sure this week will be much better for me.  This is going to be a bit of a re-cap from last week and then I’ll have another post out that goes into a little more detail on my thoughts for the Volume 3 Book 2 updates including the free to play news.

I wasn’t around all that much last week in-game but did get some work done with my Captain as he’s now 63 and moving to the central outpost in Mirkwood.  I also had a rough go in SG on my Minstrel so that was a tad on the frustrating side.  It was just one of those PUGs that was just missing some key points like agro control 😉

There’s another Tell the Community Team thread up on the forums for the Champion class.  I know very little about champs other then bad ones are INCREDIBLY frustrating so I don’t plan on posting but for those of you that do have champs I’d highly suggest checking out the discussion.  It does appear like we may be in for another round of class updates so speak up if you have suggestions or comments.

A couple of very cool updates on the upcoming changes from both Massively and TenTonHammer which sheds some light on what’s coming down the pipe.  I still haven’t quite digested it yet, so I’ll just share the links:

With all the news floating around, there has been some confusion so Sapience was nice to post some corrections which was also picked up by the CStM folks.

Finally I did find a pretty cool link on the forums for those of you who don’t like Windows 🙂  On the main boards there’s a detailed walkthrough of how to run LOTRO on Linux and also a Mac.

I’ll have another post up on some podcast news as well as some more in-depth on the upcoming changes when I get a chance to dig in on this stuff.

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