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Tell the Community Thread – Captains

So it looks like the next wave of the Tell the Community Threads are focusing on the various classes.  I’m cautiously optimistic about this as I’m not sure when we might see these changes, probably after the legendary item, radiance, and monster play tweaks Kate Paiz mentions in her letter from last week.  So that would put this towards the end of this calendar year, but possibly as part of an expansion.  But I’m thinking our next expansion is a bit further off as it appears most resources have been tied up in the F2P conversion, so hopefully one of the first couple of updates after the F2P launch will have these class tweaks.

Today’s thread covers the Captain class and since my captain was my original main I figured I’d share my suggestions.  I would highly suggest folks contribute to these threads when they regard classes you’re familiar with, as Sapience’s post highlights.  It certainly has gotten me thinking that maybe I should dust him off a bit which would give me something to do this summer.

Question 1
Give three examples of changes or improvements you would make to improve the Captain class (e.g. skills and abilities). Please limit your responses to 3 brief examples. Captains only please! Other classes will get their chance in coming weeks.
1. Update Banners
2. Additional attack
3. Mark combination legendary trait

Question 2
If you could create one new legacy to add to the Captain’s Legendary Item pool, what would it be? Please specify whether you feel it should be a Pool A or Pool B legacy.
Revealing Mark heal bonus – Pool A Weapon

Question 3
Thinking about set bonuses, what bonuses do you find most useful? Least useful? Please give 2 examples of each.

Most Useful
1. Defeat skill recovery time reduction
2. Useful (and sizable) mitigations on Banners (Rift Armor)

Least Useful
1. Stats
2. Rez cooldown reduction

Now there are some other things I’d like but many of them are mentioned elsewhere in that thread.  I just cherry picked a few of them below that I almost added myself.

Question 1:

  • Power Returning Mark
  • Skill cooldown reduction
  • I still think the Leader of Men path needs major work to be viable, but I’m not a herald fan so it doesn’t bother me

Question 2

  • Power reductions
  • Melee crit magnitude

Question 3

  • Instant rez
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