New Blogs and Podcasts

It seems like the LOTRO community is getting bigger by the second, but I wanted to put out a quick welcome post to a couple of new Podcasts and a new blog.  These are all over in my Links section on the right hand side but please let me know if I’m missing anyone.  I’ve tried to keep my lists up to date with separate areas for LOTRO info (just in the LOTRO section), LOTRO Blogs (the LOTRO Blogroll), podcast (some are double posted in the blogs), and Warden specific posts or information.

First up is Gondor Awaits where Theobor has been blogging for a bit now but also has released his first episode of his Podcast.  You can find the show on his blog, the RSS feed, iTunes, and probably Zune as well (I haven’t made that complete switch yet).  His first episode is mainly an introduction but I look forward to what he has to offer as I’ve enjoyed his blog.

Brian from Mordor of Bust has also released his first podcast show which focuses quite a bit on the Free to Play news but has quite a few comedic  elements to it.  He’s got a great blog and his first show was a blast so I can’t wait to see where he takes it.

And one of the more chatty dwarves on Twitter, Thamorian has announced his new blog Drums of the Deep. He’s another fellow Silverlode member and I’ve grouped with their kin a number of times.  Plus with a kinship name like Fat Smokin Hobbits there has to be some good stories on the horizon!

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2 responses to “New Blogs and Podcasts

  1. Appreciate the write-up!

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