Downing Thorog

Ok, so this isn’t a huge accomplishment with level 65 toons as it is a level 50 raid but it was still very fun 🙂  We ended up having 15 people with some crazy DPS as we had LOTS of runekeepers.  Despite the fact that we were very over-leveled, people (including me) did die so it certainly can be a tricky fight.  For me the main issue was the hope wipe (got hit at least twice) but I think there were also some eye-ball issues as well.  I’ve done this on my other toons on level so it was nice to get in there on my Warden.  So now all that’s left for her is a Balrog kill, well that and actually winning the roll on the lawn decoration.

To explain these mechanics basically from time to time Thorog will wipe hope (which isn’t boosted by Radiance) which puts you at a serious morale deficit.  There’s no defense for this, just have someone in your group pop hope and depending on how long you’re in there you may need to cycle the groups to deal with the cool-downs.  But since we were fighting Thorog for a grand total of 186 seconds (yes, 3 minutes and 6 seconds) it wasn’t a big deal.

The other mechanic is that Thorog will from time to time toss out a purple eye of death.  This can target not only players but pets and RK rocks so you need to be careful with those.  The eye has a nasty DoT component but the real issue is that if it isn’t cured you will explode and your blast area will infect those around you with the DoT.  So, fear potions or a captain are very important in this fight or worst case you just run away to blow up yourself.

I captured this “fight” in both Fraps and Cstats but as you’ll see from the video it isn’t a shining example of good Wardening more just a fun fight.  I will admit that I did switch my graphics settings for the end portion of the video to get some prettier shots of Helegrod.

One other thing I’ll point out is that apparently to get credit for this kill for the new Meta-deed there is a pre-requisite chain.  Nothing terribly difficult but time consuming, so if you want the credit make sure you do this BEFORE the raid starts.  The chain starts from Anornaneth in Rivendell with the quest Stirrings within Helegrod.

Here’s the video:

And a snap of the CStats log:

CStats 2010-06-03 08-52-36-98


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