My week in LOTRO

I didn’t get too much time in this week but was able to get into some raiding and group fun.  I also did some re-working of my Warden which I’ll get to at the bottom.

On Wednesday I JUST missed getting into a BG raid, which was just as well as I was already committed to one on Thursday 🙂 so I ended up just messing around in game chatting with folks while waiting to see what was going to happen.  I did end up doing a quick run of DD with one of my kin-mates to finish off her class legendaries, which did have some interesting moments as you’ll see from the pictures below:



I ended up getting punted into the sticky walls and hanging out there for a bit 🙂  Since we were all well over-leveled it didn’t really matter but I can imagine for an on-level group that could be a bit of a problem.

Thursday was back into BG for another run at Durchest.  We’re still struggling with him and are trying to figure out what’s going on.  It may be something we’re doing (or not doing) on the tanking side, but that appears to be working properly for the most part until one of us dies.  I’ve looked at a couple of videos including this one showing hard mode but nothing terribly obvious has jumped out at us.  Maybe we’re just missing a combination of small things that when build up cause serious issues.  The other forum post I noticed which I thought was interesting was the following on Durchest’s heal. He has a heal that happens when someone in the raid dies, but he can actually store those up and save them for when he hits 100K.  Rather annoying, but does account for some seemingly random healing.

But all the struggles in BG have caused me to check out my Warden to make sure she’s at least properly geared out.  I ended up switching out Tolerance as looking at my logs I really don’t take that much tactical damage for Valor which gives me a pretty nice morale boost.  I then switched over to the Lothlorien Stalker’s cloak from the Lothlorien Preserver’s Cloak which cost me a bit of Might in exchange for power and fate.  I’m then going to see if I can get lucky and crit on the Greenwood necklace on my jeweler as that will be another morale booster plus some incoming healing, in exchange for some agility.  I also was checking out the various crafted relics and realize I need to find a supreme master cook who has kindred reputation with the crafting guild to make me the +100 morale rune as mine currently aren’t all that great.  I prefer that over the +20 vitality ones (which for tanks provide the same morale boost) as with my current stats I get real close to the stat cap when fully buffed.  I also need to get some more work in on relic grinding as the ones I’m using could stand to be a bit better.  With all these changes, I should be able to get my morale around 7400 and power at 2350 without buffs and without sacrificing my other stats too much.  Feel free to check out my character page and let me know if you see anything I could swap out.

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11 responses to “My week in LOTRO

  1. Nice read. I’m sure you guys will get Durchest one of these days. I’ve yet to step into BG yet as I only have 80 Rad at this point but will when I am able. My Warden has been slowly working his way up. I personally prefer a Warden with a little more power even at the sacrifice of a bit of Morale. I currently am running with about 6300 morale and about 2800 power and this seems to work pretty well for me. I did manage to get a cook in my Kin to get me the +100 morale crafted relics, one for each of the LI’s am currently using. Hopefully with some more tweaking of my gear and my traits I’ll be able to get my Morale up to around 6800 and if I can keep my power where it is I’ll be happy.

    • Yeah, I was running with a more power heavy build and I guess I could always swap out for the +100 power runes if need be. I just felt a little too squishy during Durchest as he was hitting for 3-4K a pop and the extra morale should help me stay up a bit longer. I’ve also been doing a bit better with power of late, or maybe my Loremasters are just favoring me with their power sharing. However, I do drink pots like water so that could be part of it too 🙂

  2. Hi
    On the morale front keep working at it with the correct armour and traits I can get to 7.5K, I nice put of mushy peas 55vit and a captains buff and you can be facing Durchrist at just short of 10K

    Have done Durchrist HM using 2 guards and a warden as tanking.
    Trait the warden for DPS, at start of fight warden and 1 guard run in and get to the wall (behind where Durchrist starts off). The guard starts aggro whilst the warden is spamming corruption removal. As the buff on the guard grows start a rotation between guards. Done correctly they can step in and out just keep an eye on who has aggro coz the warden can get it during guard rotation (with 10K its no problem)
    Keep the buffs down at some stage the warden will need LM RK or hunter to help. once he has 4+ buffs he can 1 shot a guard.
    Keep an eye on the fear does nasty damage if you dont use pots (our captain shouts who has to take pots) if pot on CD run and hide in corner and get healers working on you.
    Above all DONT die allowing him to recover is a real pain

    • Thanks for the advice, so you just have 1 guard in front while the other guard/warden are behind? And yeah, I’ve been calling out whenever he gets 4 for burst removals as they do get nasty 🙂 And yeah, we’re pretty good with the fears either with pots of a quick muster.

      For the cleave, do you just have the 3 in there or other heavies?

      • We always have the guard (fighting) and the warden with their backs to the wall so the boss is facing away from the party.
        When the tanks rotate the none fighting guard comes from the centre of the room and swaps with the one against the wall.
        During the swap it helps if the warden can increase aggro so that the boss stays put.
        The warden can keep most buffs down but you need a burst removal which is cycled though hunters LM RK or burg our captain normally calls for the removal by player name so that we dont end up with all on CD as two have gone together.
        Depending on leaver pulling if there are no other mobs around the champ is often adding DPS to the boss

  3. Last night we did DN with my warden as the only tanking class keeing the two trolls under control at the start was really good fun
    We wiped the first time as it was a training run for kinnies who had never raided and they stood too long in the acid pools
    Second time went really smoothly loads of AoE aggro and mob swapping during the early stage then when the first troll was dead walking backwards round the room edge avoiding mushrooms
    So never let guards tell you wardens cant tank

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  6. Dont like advertising but have just bout a Msoft Sidewinder mouse with programmable buttons
    have configured 1 button for Mighty Blow and the other for Corruption removal
    Makes the fight in BG much easier dont get RSI from spamming the same move.
    Working on Ex of Battle and Taunt for times when Im solo tank.
    You dont get the moves off much quicker than normal but you dont miss a gambit due to a rushed “miss-click”

    • I don’t use the Sidewinder, but I have the Strategic Commander which is a left handed controller with programmable buttons. I don’t have any macros or such set up but I certainly love having my skills more at my fingertips then having to hunt on the keyboard or mouse.

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