What Podcasts are you Listening to?

I figured I’d toss this out to folks and hopefully you can help me fill out my Podcast directory a bit.  I travel quite a bit so I do have lots of time to make it though various shows but I’m finding myself running out of episodes which is just a bad thing.  So, help me figure out what all I’m missing 🙂  I do have some other sports related ones that are seasonal (Football and Hockey) but primarily I’m looking for either gaming related or techie stuff.

As of now I’m currently listening to:

  1. LOTRO Related
    1. A Casual Stroll to Mordor
    2. LOTRO Reporter
    3. LOTRO Cast
    4. Through the Palantir
    5. The Late Night LOTRO Show
    6. The Tolkien Professor
  2. The Old Republic (Might have to take a break from these, or trim it down)
    1. Darth Hater
    2. Mos Eisley Radio
    3. TORO Cast
  3. General Gaming
    1. Massively
    2. The Multiverse
    3. Shut up.  We’re Talking
    4. View From the Top
    5. 404 Radio UK
  4. Tech Stuff
    1. Buzz out Loud
    2. The 404

So what else do you guys have on your music player of choice?

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8 responses to “What Podcasts are you Listening to?

  1. I would recommend adding

    Tech: Buzz Report, Current Geek
    Gaming: No Prisoners No Mercy, Van Hemlock
    Movies/Comics/Gaming: Totally Rad Show

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  3. None, it is enough for me to read the blogs.

  4. Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble.

    It is my favorite podcast by far.

  5. You might want to double-check your url for the LotRO Cast (#3). The link seems to have malformed a little with the reference to this post prepending the actual blogspot url.

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