Warden Centric Forums Recap

I have a store of good forum posts so I wanted to share a few of them with you all.

First up I wanted to pass on the Spring Blogger Gathering announcement that sounds like a blast, so hopefully I will be able to attend.  The event will be Saturday May 15th at 9pm Eastern over on the Nimrodel server.  Primarily a discussion on what folks blog and what readers want from those blogs.  Even if you’re not from Nimrodel (like me) you can quickly roll an alt and get through the intro to join in the fun.

This next post was something that I never noticed before but apparently if you used one of our gambit masteries you would enable auto-attack which in certain situations can be a bad thing.  However, fear not as shortly after our knight in blue text (Graalx2) posted that this has been fixed but will not make it in until the next patch cycle.

There’s a pretty good discussion going on that talks about Warden tweaks or what we’d like to see added or changed from the class.  Naso24 does a pretty good job of articulating ideas and most aren’t terribly game breaking, although there are a couple that will never happen.  For me, I think I agree with most of his top 4 sections but he goes a tad far (which he admits) on the “for Fun” section as most of those sound very overpowered.

For those of you (like me at times) struggling with in-combat power regen (ICPR) you might take a look at this thread as there are some good thoughts on it.  Honestly on my Warden I don’t think there exists the concept of too much ICPR 🙂

For those of you who are interested in PvMP there’s a pretty decent Guide to the Moors posted which has a really good breakdown of the various different creeps and how to fight them.  In addition to the post, there’s also a hefty amount of discussion,

For those of you looking to learn some of the trickier instances/fights, you might want to check out Ferghuss’s post on the Protectors of the Fire kinship forums over on Firefoot, as he covers SG and the watcher.  Now his artwork isn’t going to get him into any museums, but it is simple enough to get the message across.

And finally, following up from my post on BG the other day, you might want to check out this post regarding tanking the Fire and Shadow twins in BG. I haven’t tried that fight, but just knowing the mechanics and read the discussion gives me a pretty good handle on the fight before walking in the door.

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