BG Videos and some good grouping tips

First up, I’m sure many of you already listen a Casual Stroll to Mordor but if you don’t or are behind I highly recommend Episode 34a as it is a great conversation between a few of the folks from The Council of the Secret Fire kinship over on Landroval.  A bit of a long episode I will admit but they cover many of the instances, all of the classes, and numerous different topics.  And of course there’s some good Warden discussion in there as Azz is another Warden lover 🙂

I also wanted to pass on a couple of videos from the BG Raid that I saw over on the forums.  I was very interested to see how these guys did it as the Durchest fight is still pretty fresh in my mind.  It is a little hard to get a feel for the tanking methodology as the videos are from the Minstrel’s machine but it is still helpful to see how things work.  They captured and posted the first 2 boss fights both doing it in challenge mode.  Here’s the post on the forums which has all the links for the various resolutions.  I’ll also embed the HD versions for those who want to just look at the videos.

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