Warden’s are #1!

And it isn’t just me saying that 🙂  I’m sure many of you will share this same sentiment but the folks over at LOTRO Weekly were nice enough to point out the following story from MMORPG.com lists the top 5 MMO classes (I saw the post but misread the title and never read the article :() and sure enough Wardens topped the list.  Ok, so this is one writers opinion, but it is always nice to see others acknowledge what we already know 🙂  You can also read what other Wardens think of this on the LOTRO boards.

Also, 2 other quick posts I wanted to share before the weekend:

  • Some quick discussions and suggestions for traiting for the 12 man raid BG can be found here.
  • More discussion on trait lines can be found here with a focus on the fist line.  I like fist line for the Moors, but I may have to try out spear just to compare.  But I think I like playing the role of the annoying and AoE agitator more then single target damage.

Anyway, that’s all for now – have a good weekend!


10 responses to “Warden’s are #1!

  1. You know what this means, don’t you? Nerf incoming!

    • sssshhh 🙂 actually I think we’re at a good place in that Wardens are more rewarded for their player’s skill and not just their gear. I’ve been on both sides and can honestly say there’s no bigger variance in player effectiveness then a Warden. And by that I mean good Wardens are amazing while bad Wardens can actually really hurt the group.

      • I think this is what actually makes Warden’s somewhat “Nerf” Proof. We’ll never be considered OP as long as so many people play Warden’s poorly.

      • Very true, I cringe at the thought of just how bad a poor playing nerfed Warden would be 🙂 especially when I’m on my Minstrel.

  2. People really shouldn’t throw around unquantified (or unquantifiable) superlatives like that, it’s just asking for trouble.

    Case in point:
    Wardens are #1!
    #1 what? Solo class, screamer, or butt end of class generalization jokes?
    Other people like me (in that they do not think too highly of Wardens) but not like me (in that they lack restraint and self control on the internet) would just use such an opportunity to attack and be critical without at least attempting to do *something* helpful in their comment.

    Yes it’s your blog and your class, but this is my comment! And I reserve the right to de-rail everything and make myself look utterly ridiculous within this space!

    To that end I recommend that we, the people of the internet, attempt to stage a coup on the hair product manufacturers of the world by returning hockey hair and mullets to high fashion (thus removing them from their banishment to Alberta)!

    Back to my original point (or was it a detour?), Wardens have their strong points (attract new players like moths to the flame, super solo class), but by no means should they or any other class be declared #1, all that does is invite an internet war (and wackos like me who have plans for wars of their own with the companies that make the most annoying wastes of commercial time in the universe, (I am speaking of course, about hair product companies and their shampoo ads.).). Just be forewarned, and [hopefully] amused.

    • touche – or should I say toupee 😉

      Yes I was a bit dramatic in my post but I was just ecstatic to see someone outside of a handful of us Warden supporters actually think the class was worthy of leaving the Shire.

      I welcome your post as I agree that claim is a bit over the top (as I alluded to in my post) but I will also question your disdain for the class – there are lots of bad Wardens out there, have you played with any good ones? 🙂

      And just to be clear, I enjoyed your post and hope you continue to hold me accountable but the door does swing both ways…

      • Have I played with any good Wardens? Yes.
        I duoed most of the trollshaws and Misty Mountains with a very good Warden, I’ve also been in fellowship sized skirmishes (with me underlevel and therefore, in Over Power(ed) stance) with friends from the Ettenmoors and our leader is a very good Warden, and I’ve also played against several exceptionally good Wardens in the Ettenmoors, including the nigh unkillable Arrival.

        My main disdain for the class comes from two things 1) Dwarves can’t be Wardens 2) Wardens get the run buff and the self ports.
        Neither one of those Warden skills can be used to help fellowship members, only the Warden, which annoys me.

        And they make my Guardian’s Acorn look pretty sad with all its shortcomings /jealous. It’s kinda odd that both tanks have travel options designed to pay them back for having a higher repair bill, and both of them didn’t work out as intended.

      • I’m glad to see you’ve had good experiences with the class, my apologies if I sounded mean in my response, but I’ve seen many base their opinions on very limited experience with the class so I usually ask that question first.

        I can kinda see why dwarves aren’t allowed to be Wardens from the lore, but you could probably bend it either way if you really wanted to. As for our buffs/ports I’m sure they did that to maintain the uniqueness of the Hunter class 🙂

        As for the travel, I never really saw it as an offset of the repair costs but a nice way to get into battle quicker. But with the addition of Mustering Horns, nothing really works the same for travelling as it used to.

        As for the Guardian/Warden envy – it goes both ways, there are many things about Guardians that I wish Wardens had but that would probably be a tad too strong 🙂

  3. One thing I like about wardens is the complexity of the class, with the gambits. It makes gameplay much more interesting and enables good players to play verywell. The opposite of this is also true, it enable poor players to play horrific.

    I have 4 high level classes with the LM being my favorite, I also have a minnie, champ and hunter, not to forget a lvl 40ish guard.

    I find the hunter and champ to be extremely simple/almost boring to play in groups, all you do is dps with no concern (or very little) about the other players. Minstrels and LM are more complicated in that your helping your fellows by keeping their morale and buffs up, keeping up power, doing dps, and doing CC.

    So, in my experience, ability of the player is more critical with minstrels, LMs, and Wardens than any other class. Well, add guard to that list. While having a bad lm may not break a group, having a bad tank or minstrel will for sure.

    So, to finally get to the root of my comment, I hesitate to PUG with wardens, especially so if they are to be the tank. Not because the class can’t do it, but because of the skill level required to play the class properly, and to keep the fellowship informed on the wardens needs for maintaining agro, self healing, etc. It is a class issue that most non-wardens don’t know the needs for the different skills a warden has are, some of which require lower health, etc. So as a healer it is hard to know when to heal a warden and when not to. It that sense, while the warden is a awesome solo class they are difficult to group with and I tend to not, unless I know the player.

    • Yeah, pugging with Wardens can be tricky – I will always inspect and check out their gear and traits. While traits aren’t a sure-fire indication you can get a quick feel and their equipment also will give you a quick indication. It helps to know what jewelry drops from SG (or other level appropriate dungeons) such that you will know if at least they’ve been somewhat successful. I’m also not afraid to try and coach the Warden if need be via tells, not an open channel.

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