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New Festival Fortune Cookies

So I had a bunch of leaves and was curious what some of the food items did, and I happened to pick up the “Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuits” which are barterable for 3 leaves for 2 biscuits.  When you eat one of these leaves you’ll get 1 of 50 possible fortunes, so they’re basically fortune cookies, or fortune biscuits ;).  They are broken up into 5 different deeds and getting all 10 in that deed gives a new title.  The cool thing (I wish I would’ve read this sooner) was mentioned on the forums is that all these fortunes are tradable.  Not only are the titles fun, but the actual fortunes themselves are have some cool lore comments as well.  So, go stomp some shrews, then find a group to eat and trade fortunes to work towards the titles!  Here’s a list of the different deeds, titles, and some of the fortunes I have found:

  • Oddly Familiar -> Same old Song
    • Bah, that would only have been a scratch… come again!
    • Truly, your heart hold no fear brother
    • Tra la, tra la, tra lilly, tra la, red with blood… where life has fled.  Pretty flowers… so bright red… la, la, la lilly, la, la …
    • I bring terror to the sties of Budgeford, these sties are mine!  Ba ha ha ha… fear my wrath, Bolgers of Budgeford.
  • A Storyteller’s Snippets -> the Peculiar
    • What have I got in my pocket?
  • Fateful Foretellings -> Writing on the Wall
    • Wonderful luck will come your way today
    • Terrible luck will come your way today
    • Maybe you should ask again later
  • Excellent Advice -> the Enlightened
    • Shadows are darker then most places, so you will not be able to see as much when standing in them
  • An Adventurer’s song -> the Poetical
    • The road goes eve on and on…

Spring Festival notes

So I put up a few posts, videos, and snapshots yesterday of the festival – if you haven’t seen them check out as I was mainly shrew stomping and enjoying the kegs.  Today I wanted to put out a couple of updates and share some posts from others.

Outside of my efforts yesterday, I was back in festival mode today.  I did some more shrew stomping to finish off collecting the items I wanted (the table and the hat mainly) as well as finishing the shrew title.  However, the depressing part of that was once I finished there’s an advanced title “Tamer of the Shrew” that’s for stomping 400 shrews.  That does only work out to 40 games which is roughly 3 hours of non-stop stomping.  I may end up doing it as I have to admit it is working as a good stress reliever for me 😉  I’m also starting to work on the dwarven Ale Association quests as I’ve seen some of the posts/videos and find them quite amusing.  Here’s a video from KurganNazzir showing one of them:

First up of the links, if you’re unsure of where to go or what all to do check out CStM’s Spring Festival guide as they have pretty much all the info you could need.  And CStM does post this as well, but the hedge maze map was a HUGE help for me, so if you’re as lost as I was you might want to check it out.

Sadly, the festival is not without issues.  There are 2 main ones that have been reported.  The first is that apparently the new horse is bugged in some way such that they had to remove the vendor, here’s the thread as well as the post from the devs. The other issue is that if you log off during the “Invitation to the spring festival” you will lose the quest as reported by Sapience here. I’d suggest keeping tabs on both threads if you’re still waiting to get your horse.

Following on the horse theme if you want to stock up on your leaves and horse tokens but are having issues with the plank jumps in the horse races, check out LOTRO life’s post on completing the races without the jumps.

The other post I wanted to mention was a post by Branadoc over on Sneaky hobbits about skirmishes and the festival. I always enjoy reading how others find the festivals and I’m especially interested in how others find skirmishes.

And finally, just posted as I was writing this I saw Turbine’s Welcome Back weekend announcement from the 25th to 29th of March.  In addition to the free play, there’s also a 5% XP bonus during that time as well.  I will probably be working on my RK some during that time to take advantage of the extra XP 🙂