Getting back into a LOTRO state of mind

I’ve been very distracted this past week, but things are starting to get back more to LOTRO.  Part of my problem in LOTRO has been a lack of motivation as I currently don’t have all that much left to do on my mains.  I know I do have things to do, but without time to raid, I’m not sure it is really worth it.  So I probably will continue on some of those paths but also think about either working on my Captain (level 62) or one of my alts – most likely my Runekeeper.  I have another post in the works on skirmish difficulty that will probably come out in the next day or so as well as my next segment on the LOTRO Reporter covering the Warden’s journey to level 45.

For this post, I mainly wanted to share various links and blogs that I’m come across the past couple of days.

First off is a good detailed walkthrough of the epic quest line in LOTRO up through Volume 2 Book 6.  So if you’re stuck somewhere in the line, or are returning to Volume one and want a recap of what’s happened I’d suggest a read as certainly the story is one of the best parts of the epic line.

In addition to the epic line, one of my favorite parts about LOTRO is not only is attention to the lore but also the subtle hints that are dropped throughout the game.  There’s a long thread up on the forums (sprinkled with dev postings) talking about the Palantir of Osgiliath and its part in the epic line.  There are some spoilers in there if you haven’t finished Volume 1 book 9 (I believe) but there is some very interesting comments and discussions in there around that very important aspect of the story going forward.

The next 2 posts are concerning the Dol Goldur instances, so if you’re not running those you can skip to the next paragraph 🙂  I have yet to run the BG 12-man raid, but there’s some good discussion on Morgaraf’s agro wipe up on the forums.  I mention the agro wipe here as from what I understand threat management is a big part of BG and needs to be considered not only in this fight but the final boss as well.

Now I have run into this one numerous times, but there’s some good information and discussion about the Sword Halls sorcerer, which is the fire boss with the annoying flame trails that chase you.  Interesting points about the flame mechanic and the ways to interrupt it.

And finally, I wanted to give a shout out to a couple new blogs starting up.  The first being the Uruk Hunter which is a blog started by Saks talking about his journeys through Middle-Earth on the Vilya server.  And second (only because they’re actually a blogging duo) is the Khazad Guard which is a husband and wife alt-aholic duo who chronicle their dwarven adventures.  Fun stuff on both of their sites, so make sure to check them out.

2 responses to “Getting back into a LOTRO state of mind

  1. Doc I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for all the great tips.

    I have a lvl 50 Warden who is finishing up Vol I Book 7. I’ve already jumped ahead to Vol II just to get my legendary Javelin. I will probably keep working through Vol I but I am itching to move on to Vol II. Once I reach lvl 52 is there any reason to finish Vol I other than the story line?

    Another question I have is about armor choices. At lvl 50 I am still wearing some Fem pieces. My morale is well above my armor rating now. My alt Loremaster is close to being able to tailor some better armor for my Warden. I can buy new armor that is slightly better with skirmish marks. I don’t see any other good armor as a reward in Book 1 – maybe a warden shield. What is your advice for medium armor at the lvl 50 to 52 range?

    • Glad I could be of help!

      As for book 1, there’s the story and the completion of the entire Volume gives a VERY nice horse as the reward. So not terribly crucial for gear but the horse can be handy, although not for Moria 🙂 There is a nice pocket item at the end of Book 8 and some other jewelry rewards, so if you don’t have a jeweler it might not be bad to check out the lorebook to see what’s there.

      I leveled prior to skirmishes, so I’m not 100% sure how good that stuff is. My Warden was also my tailor and I had her maxed pretty quickly being my most recent max level toon. And with the addition of the crafting guilds it was relatively easy to get the crit crafted items. Around this range was when I did start paying more attention to my gear choices and kept an eye on my crafted items versus what I could get from quests. For the most part, I believe the crafted crits (especially the single use ones) are better at least for armor. There are some good jewelry quest items, but for the most part I ended up mixing and matching based on what I could find. Once you get into Moria and are 58ish that’s when you can start picking up the Moria Dungeon sets which are arguably the best sets in the game.

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