Massively tours Volume 3 Book 1

In case you haven’t made your patch day plans, Massively has a pretty good walkthrough of all the new things coming with the latest update. as they continue their weekly feature “On the road to Mordor.”  Be warned, there are some spoilers in there 🙂 as they describe some of the epic storyline and the new Rift skirmish.  But there’s also information about the upcoming festival and it looks like once again they’ve come up with another fun game!  I mean not only to do you get to stomp shrews, but you have a chance to win a huge shrew lawn ornament!

Certainly some nice information, including screenshots, and I’m again looking forward to this upcoming Spring festival which starts in a couple weeks.

In addition they were also kind enough to make my Starting a Warden post over on the LOTRO Reporter their community link of the week, so that’s pretty cool as well 🙂

And finally (not Massively related) Turbine has announced and released the winner’s for the Valentine’s Day Screenshot contest, so make sure you check that out as well.


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