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Developer Diary – Crafting Update

Today Turbine released another developer diary, this one talking about the crafting system updates. Certainly a good read as there are lots of changes – but the main ones for me were the jeweler and cooking/farming changes.  I’ll summarize them, but certainly go check out the full notes.  A lot of this was evident from the patch notes, but this breaks it down into more detail.

All jewelry items have had not only their stats adjusted but also their looks as well.  In addition, they’re also implementing the multi-output option for jewelry just like they did for the armor professions.  Because of this, certain recipes, like the various tactics rings, will no longer exist as they are now one of the output options.  It is important to note that existing items will NOT change, just newly crafted ones.  So, if there are ones you like better make them now 🙂  For a full listing of the new stats, check out my previous post on this topic.

By far though, the majority of the changes revolved around cooking and farming.  Rather ironic as I was just doing some farming and cooking yesterday 🙂  Essentially they’re looking to make these professions more desirable and also follow the pattern they’ve set in that no profession is entirely independent.  In many ways a cook could easily provide a valuable product without ever needing another profession, unlike every other profession in game.  Well, except scholar but that’s a bit different anyway.

They’re changing it such that there will be no more store-bought only cooking recipes.  This will change quite a few recipes, including the Lembas recipe and the Lorien regen food recipe (Lothlorien Waybread).  These recipes now include “”Cup of Winter Barley Flour” which is a new ingredient recipe output for cooks that takes 2 bundles of Barley to produce 1 cup.  There’s a comparable recipe for the lower tier rations as well.  In addition, Shire apples and Golden Shire Potatoes are now from Farming only and not purchasable.

One of my favorite changes as the regen buff duration has been normalized and extended – normal is 5 minutes, crit is 10 minutes for both in-combat and out-of-combat regeneration rates (or ICR and OCR as I’ll refer to them later on).

All cooked food now has both an ICR and OCR rate associated with it, but there will be 3 different options.  High ICR and low OCR, medium of both, or low ICR and high OCR.  The shot below shows the options from the Master tier. 

Now I noticed something a little weird about the crit versions of these on bullroarer but am not sure if it is a bug or WAI.  Essentially the in-combat regen rates don’t change with a crit – see my post on the boards, but I also bugged it just in case 🙂

They’re adding new fate and will trail food which will be automatically granted to the cooks at all of the skill tiers.

New recipes including fish options for trail food.  These will provide a boost to both vitality and will which is very intriguing for many I’m sure.  However, it appears that these are only available up to the Master tier and not supreme, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

They’ve added new supreme cook trail food recipes via the Malledhrim reputation vendors!  These provide bonuses of 36 and 55 to the appropriate stat as opposed to 30 and 50 of the regular versions.  And use some of the new farming items like the green peas 🙂

And finally, farmers will get new recipes for shire apples and taters, as well as a new recipe for Green Peas which will be required for new cooking dishes.

Tell the community team surveys

There’s a new survey up that is mainly focused on gear and radiance.  If you have thoughts or ideas I’d highly suggest you posting on the boards.  For those of you who care, here’s my response:

Question 1
You are given the opportunity to make two changes to Radiance Gear. What are the two most important changes you would make?
a) remove the buff from armor and make it a trait. This would allow those of us who want to min/max the options to wear whatever sets we wanted to no matter where we are or what we’re doing
b) continue to provide other options outside of raiding to obtain it. I certainly don’t mean for these to be easy but some quest/grinding/crit craftable, or something that could be done by another means.
Question 2
How do you feel about the pace of leveling? Is it too fast, too slow, or just right?
Overall I think it feels pretty good but also very dependent on where on the curve you are. For instance, the 60-65 speed was VERY quick as there are tons of quests in Mirkwood that all provide very good XP. Now other areas that aren’t as packed with quests seem slower and harder to level – high 30s for example.
Question 3
What cosmetic item do you really want, but have never seen in the game?
Aside from cosmetic weapons/shields (which I know will be a ways off) I’d love to see kinship cloaks or custom blankets for you horse.
Question 4
How do you feel about the itemization (the items, armor, gear, weapons, etc) in Lord of the Rings Online? Please be specific, but brief!
Overall I think there’s now pretty good diversity between all the various options. Certainly I think there could be more options available but at least now there are various options for all classes as you level as opposed to just one. This is especially prevalent and the level cap as with Moria there were desirable 2 armor sets, but now (radiance aside) there are at least 7 comparable sets.

Now I didn’t post about the first survey but I did find it amusing that I managed to get in the last word 😉

Here’s the text of my response:

Question 1
You are given the opportunity to make two changes to the Legendary Item System. What are the two most important changes you would make? Please limit your answer to only two changes.
a) Allow for a better progression to the next level cap. Allow us some way to truly “grow” our weapon.
b) other options to gain legacies/bonuses. Either via quests (could be a new class quest line) or through mob/skirmish grinding.
Question 2
Name two things about the Legendary Item System you enjoy the most.
1. The customization options, ability to tweak as your playstyle demands. Granted, this could be better – but compared to non-LIs it is a big step in the right direction.
2. The feeling of accomplishment in getting the next level, tier, scroll, rune, etc.
Question 3
A two part question!
Name three things you enjoy most about LOTRO.
1. Look and feel of the world.
2. Class interactions are done really well as there are lots of ways for classes to build off and support each-other. Surely there is the trinity approach, but there are also lots of other ways around it.
3. The epic quest lines. These are great and I really enjoy how you woven our storyline into the main line but still kept them separate.
Name three things you enjoy the least or do not participate in.
1. The social systems in-game. MyLotro is a good start, but the in-game kinship and LFG systems are horrible. I’d love to see an upgrade to both of these, although the LFG system I think really holds people back quite a bit. Some sort of a quest queing option would be great, or the ability to set and see LFG flags server wide would both be good starts.
2. PvMP – I really like the concept, but there are zero rewards other then pride and competition. The armor sets are not exciting and to get them you need to PvE! I’d love to see a revamp where there were armor, weapon, and skill/trait rewards available from PvMP that could (I’d love for them not to be) be limited to the moors only. Dark Ages of Camelot did this REALLY well as they had a really good reward system for their RvR and gave lots of incentives to PvP.
3. Radiance on armor. I don’t mind the gating of raids, I just don’t like the tie to armor sets only. I’d like to see other ways you can get radiance either via crafting, traits, quests, etc. Certainly these other paths shouldn’t be easy by any stretch but I’d like to see some other options like you’ve started with the 3-man options with Lorien and Mirkwood.