Various Volume 3 Bullroarer updates

So there’s been quite a lot of posting up on the forums regarding the new stuff coming in Volume 3 including stats and screen-shots.

I’ll start with crafting first, there’s a whole bunch of very interesting looking jewelry that’s out that transforms a lot of it to multi-output recipes.  This includes many of the Tier 6 recipes and you can find a composite snap with all the crit values here on the live boards. Also, these multi-output recipes do apply for reputation recipes, so I will be off crafting some large guild symbols to stock up 😉

There’s also snap-shots of the new cooking recipes in the following post which also has in it the cookbook in Excel.  Of note, the fishing recipes are pretty cool as some are +vitality and +will.  Also, the Mirkwood reputation recipes start at +36 for the stats and critical results are +55, which will be very nice for will and fate!  I’m sure there will be updates to that spreadsheet once he adds the additional new stuff.

And finally, there’s a bunch of new cosmetic items.  First off was a post I found on the forums with some new shiny boots. In addition, with the latest new skirmish taking place in the rift they’ve added a BUNCH of new cosmetic items from there.  I took a couple screenshots to share as they’re pretty cool.  I love the fishing gear and that we can now get all the helms of all the armor sets as cosmetic items!  I’m a bit torn as I like being able to show off my sets that I’ve earned, but since they’re named differently you can easily distinguish upon inspection.  I’ve love to have these sets cosmetically (rift and helegrod mainly) as I don’t think anyone runs them anymore.


Me sporting the new rolling pin, oven mits, hat, and fishing pack.


New Hauberk and cloak from the front


And from the back, also sporting the minstrel rift hat…

And I do have my 3 mains copied over onto bullroarer if anyone has questions they want me to check out or if the want to run some skirmishes 🙂

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