Finally, Return to Ostagar

So the PC and XBox versions of Bioware’s Dragon Age Origins first post launch downloadable content have been released and are available to play after quite a LONG delay.  No word on the PS3 version though.  I have no clue what happened, and really don’t care as it is behind all of us.  I downloaded it last night, and ended up playing through it on my dual-wielding warrior.  Granted, she is level 15 and working through the dwarf area before heading to the Landsmeet so my party is already pretty well decked out.

There’s lots of the information on the DLC already out there, but I’ll try not to spoil too much but you’ll notice the note before my last paragraph where the potential spoilers are.  The content itself isn’t all that long but it was enjoyable to wrap up all the loose ends.  Lots of good dialog and flashbacks mixed  in with the various battles.  I felt the duration and pacing felt about right – as it is about as long as Warden’s keep, possibly a bit shorter.  Some good teasers and hints for what’s coming up in the expansion, so that was a pleasant surprise.  A couple of potentially tricky fights, but I’m still on the medium difficulty on my 3rd play-through, so nothing terribly difficult.  For me, I enjoyed it and it was worth the$5.  Will I be getting more DLC for DA:O?  I’m not sure – but I will be definitely getting the expansion.

(spoilers follow)

Now for a bit of the down-side (and spoiler info) as there a couple of things I didn’t like.  First off, all the items obtained are Tier 5 (best is Tier 7) and the armor only helps from a stamina perspective and coolness factor.  I figured if Alister’s going to be king he should look the part, so I’m sacrificing a bit of his survivability for looks ;).  But I find it very weird that the king isn’t wearing better armor or that I have a number of weapons better then Duncaan’s swords.  It just struck me as weird that for content geared at level 13/14 ish (just going of the Strength requirement for the armor) that it is so much worse then Wade’s Dragon Plate and the Juggernaut set.  But I think the most disappointing part was they didn’t have anything in there regarding Duncaan as I we should’ve at least been able to bury him.

Anyway, I’m glad I played it and now I’ll finish off this play-through and get ready for Awakenings.

6 responses to “Finally, Return to Ostagar

  1. Unfortunately I stopped reading at the slight spoiler point, so I have a question instead; how is the dual-wielding warrior, does it work? I really wanted to try one but ended up doing a dual-wielding rogue instead.

    • No worries, the 3rd paragraph is really where the spoilers are (will update post too).

      As for Dual-wielding – I like it actually, whole lotta Damage and good AoE outputs. The did fix things with one of the patches with regards to the dex boost for dual wielding. I originally tried Dual wielding and dumped it as it was pretty crappy – but I may try out a DW assassin as I’m really enjoying it 😉

      Currently using my warrior, alister, wynne, and morrigan. Which basically has been my group makeup each time 😉 Pretty much my role has been DPS (rogue, mage, warrior) and the 2 other mages really come in handy for healing and CC. I just really haven’t seen the need to include a rogue and none of the other warriors are intriguing to me.

  2. you’ve got Warden’s Keep right? then put Cailan’s armour and Duncan’s weapons in yr chest; leave the area; re-enter the area (Soldier’s Peak – Party Camp – Soldier’s Keep works fine, and has no encounters) and voila, yr armour and weapons will have tiered *up*.

    obviously, this doesn’t work immediately after you get them – as they’re at a lvl-appropriate tier – but after youget a few levels, put them in the chest, re-enter soldier’s peak, and you’ll have tiered up armour and weapons.

    some notes: i play on my xbox, i’ve no idea if this works on the PC version; and this works on most armour and some weapons – including the Warden Commander’s set. sure, it’s a bug exploit, but it’s a sing;e-player game, so there’s no harm 🙂 .

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  4. @Sean
    I will have to give that trick a try!

    • It didn’t work for me on the PC, but it quite possibly could’ve been user error 🙂 Plus I also have the camp vault, so that might cause an issue as well with the “trick” 😉

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