No more hounding fear

I saw this on the forums and had to share – this is probably one of the most annoying and un-curable effects mobs can place on you in LOTRO.  The slow, the duration, the lack of cures, everything about it just plain sucks.  And thankfully the devs have listened to us and it is being removed from the game.  Check out the post and the full thread of much rejoicing.

4 responses to “No more hounding fear

  1. and that, right there, is the best LOTRO news i’ve seen in months, SoM included! thanks for the link 🙂

  2. I have never understood this one; I’m scared so I’m going to run slower. Someone posted on the CM forum that it stops you running straight through mobs which is unrealistic. Maybe so, but when all you want to do is go from point A to B esp. when playing a squishy it is just a frustration.

    • Exactly, when I am being chased by monsters or murderous bandits, the fear is going to slow me? No, no, no. I get the adrenaline boost and run faster. I would rather see a fear buff that accelerates your speed initially and then leads to a longer (say 2 min)loss of agility, ability to evade/parry/block (i.e. think horror flick, when the hapless heroine is being chased by Freddy they can never use their keys right or start their car). You should not just be able to run through mobs, without ill effect. There needs to be a deterrent, as I can see how running through mobs could get exploited. Although in retrospect that has never deterred me before…hmmm.

      Maybe a fear effect like the one of the final boss in dungeons of DG that sends you running in uncontrolled random directions? That one is kinda fun, annoying yet amusing…

  3. I believe that the Captain’s fear removal ability can remove this. Which is about the only use I have for my Captain, right now. Anyway, it’s always been an irritating debuff, especially when you’re trying to make your way past a bunch of green and gray con mobs which just aren’t worth your time. I won’t be sad to see it go away.

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