A couple more Sword Hall videos

So I uploaded a couple more videos today to share.  Both feature the Sword Halls 3-man instance in Mirkwood.

The first one is me soloing the first boss on my warden.  Pretty tricky and did take me a couple runs to get it down 🙂  I do switch out some gear as the additional negation and procs from the mirkwood crafted set really helped out.  Main thing is to follow the adage “stay out of the fire” 😉  I mainly did it just as proof that I could, I’m not sure it makes sense to really farm this as its much quicker and easier to do it as a group.  Although if I get bored, farming it for the first chest might not be a bad return for relics, runes, and the barter coin.

The second video is a run we did last night doing challenge mode or what used to be called hard mode.  Basically for this instance, challenge mode is all 3 bosses at once.  Pretty fun fight and very taxing on the healer.  I was actually pleasantly surprised on this one as this was a PUG – but we just walked in and went to it 🙂  I think the group makeup did help as we had great DPS from the hunter and the Rune-keeper’s heals are over time could  be kept up on both of us.

6 responses to “A couple more Sword Hall videos

  1. Nice job!

    Is it me or does Dark before Dawn not give much power back? I’m close to reaching 50 and am (was) looking forward to this gambit.

    • Without any legacies at 65 it returns 345 power. And it costs between 150 and 250 to build depending on how many masteries you use. So yeah, it isn’t like it will re-build your power bar instantly. But for elites and such it can be pretty handy.

  2. RE: solo 1st SH boss: Curious about what gear you were wearing. In the write up you mention some swaping (additional negation and procs from the mirkwood crafted). Also, how did you guage your progress getting it right? In normal pve land, it’s best to focus on the lesser mobs first but I see you were targeting the War Leaders. What was your reasoning behind this. Thanks for putting this up and being such a good source for the lotro community 😀

    • Thanks for the complements!

      As for your specific questions I believe I was just wearing the Gloaming Chest (damage negation) and Gloves (heal proc) but I will admit that I do tend to swap things around and I’m not 100% sure what specifically I was wearing at the time. Outside of that, mainly the Spear-hurler set with a couple other pieces mixed in. Check out my MyLotro page for the specifics – http://my.lotro.com/character/silverlode/anawyne

      As for the order, the signatures are the ones who drop the fire so getting them down first makes a much bigger difference then the others. Plus the little guys don’t hit that hard so they’re more effective as a way to leach morale then anything else 🙂

  3. Just have to say that listening to you, and the other wardens on the Warden’s roundtable (CSTM podcast) made me log in my warden again:) I had let him sit for about 4 months while reaching level cap on my RK and Burg. The warden is my main again and the alts are howling for attention 🙂 thanks

    • Thanks, I’ve had a similar reaction for my Captain after that round-table and I’m now working through content on him again. I think my minnie will be the odd man out for a while…

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