Finished the armor set comparisons

So I finally uploaded the minstrel set.  And I found out that Google Docs also allows you to upload the original file without converting it.  So there are 2 versions available – the Google one and the Microsoft one.

Microsoft Excel 2003

Google Version

Lotta work for me to do on my minstrel, but the Mighty Verse set (Moria Set) really looks at first glance to be the class of the options available.

Here are some screenshots:


Galadhrim Crafted Set


Mirkwood crafted set

DN Set


BG Set


Mighty Verse (Moria Set)


2 3-piece sets


7 responses to “Finished the armor set comparisons

  1. Thanks for doing this! Really nice comparisons. I was just wondering if you could define the sets a bit better, are the 3 piece the ones using DG coins? The power and gloaming set is from where? DN and BG are which again. I know if you told me I would slap my head and say “of course” but I am just spacing on it right now.

    • Not a problem, I wasn’t sure how else to label them either 🙂 So the 3 piece sets are the +15 radiance and the +25 radiance sets (each set has 3 pieces). The +15 sets can be bartered with either Lorien coins or Mirkwood coins. The power and gloaming sets are the new multi-output craftable armor sets from the Mirkwood reputation vendors – you need friend level to craft but acquaintance to wear. DN is Dar Narburg, which is the 12 man raid inside Moria, while BG is the new 12 man raid in Mirkwood.

      Does that help?

  2. Yes thanks!

  3. On my minnie, I am running the Moria set for all but head and shoulders, where instead I have the nonrad moria set I forget if it is the balladeer or poets heart, one is a little better, and now available for like 4 coins each.

    For my LM I like the Moria again for the everything but head and shoulders, where I like the head and shoulder combo from the DG three piece set. With the two you get a will and vit bonus.

    Kinda dissapointed in turbine for not making new higher level gear for the endgame content, maybe some better loot will come with the next expansion. Seems like their focus was on skirmishes and legendaries, which is great for now. I found that after doing a few skirmishes that I am kinda over em. I wish they did not make the crafted relics for the Legendary weapons BOA, I don’t craft on all my toons and my 2 65s don’t have any crafting skills, so I got a little nerfed because they added that.

    But it is great to see the nice comparison of armors sets. Much appreciated.

    • I didn’t think about looking at the moria 3-piece sets… That’s not a bad idea as I know some of the pieces were better then the radiance ones.

      I have high hopes for the upcoming content as I think they missed the mark a bit on some of the items/gear. I think we also have quite a ways to go on character development that hasn’t quite happened yet. But we shall see…

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