Warden Armor updates

I’ve gotten some great feedback both here and on the LOTRO boards about these spreadsheets so I ended up not only testing some things out in-game but also making some additions to it.

For the gear, I ended up trying out some of the gloaming set pieces and the gloves from the light armor set, and wow do they make a difference when getting hit by lots of mobs.  I don’t think I’ll use them for single boss tanking, but for swarm tanking they’re great!  So I think I’ll probably carry them around and swap out for trash pulls vs. boss fights.  I used the chest for the mitigation, the medium gloves for the heal proc, and the light gloves for the power proc.

Also, I updated my spreadsheet to include a first page that has each ratings for each item such that you can rank them.  I did it just by normalizing against the max and summing those values up but also provided a set of variables at the top such that you can customize the best one for your build.  So next to both the “Normalized” and “Ratings” column there’s a color coded delta column that shows how far off from the “best” item that particular one is.  The light green is the closest, and red is the furthest away.

In doing this, I was able to pretty much prove to myself that the new 12man radiance set really isn’t all that good and in fact there is some REALLY good craftable items depending on what you’re striving for.

I didn’t include radiance, since it doesn’t really matter unless your in a particular raid and then you won’t be swapping armor out.  I’m going to do the same thing for the captain armor as I did for the warden one, as well as the same for Minstrels.  Also, I’m going to try and look at total morale/power as one entity and not vit/morale as essentially 150 morale = 30 vit for wardens.  Yes I know vitality is tied to other things but I’m not going to get into that level of detail quite yet.

Post on the Google Doc file

Straight to the document

Captain Set post

Warden Set Post


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