Armor set data

So I ended up posting the full spreadsheet that I used to create my warden and captain armor set comparison posts from yesterday up on Google Docs.  So if you want the raw data you can grab it.  I will also be collecting the minstrel data and may pull the other 2 sets and update the raw file.   Feel free to use it as you wish, but I’d be curious if there were other things folks use it for or add to it in case I’m missing something 🙂

Google Doc version of my data

3 responses to “Armor set data

  1. Thanks for doing all the work! Nice to have it all gathered in one spot.

  2. Nice, thank you for posting it – I will use the format to create the same for Medium sets and do a little analysis to see if theres an optimal set given certain user parameters – I might use a weighted system for any given stat see if that throws up something. for example for a hunter ‘Agility’ maybe #1, then ‘Might’ maybe #5 on the same scale depending on your requirements or preference ect.. and on like that.

    • Cool, I haven’t had a chance to actually crunch any numbers yet 😦 Work has been too busy this week. But I have crafted a few of the Mirkwood set items to test out to see how I like them.

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