Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

A little Mirkwood upgrading

So I haven’t played too much in this past week as myself and my wife have been getting over various illnesses and I just haven’t been in the mood to be sitting at the computer as opposed to on my couch.  However, I have been doing a few things to improve my warden and figured I’d share.

I am in the process of testing out the shield capstone and I’ll probably tweak my traits a bit more as well.  I haven’t grouped at all so I can’t really comment on that aspect, but I certainly have noticed a drop in my damage output.  I need to capture a couple runs via Cstats to quantify it, but it certainly is lower.  However, the extra two healing ticks is pretty nice and gives you some more breathing room.

There’s some pretty nice looking items from SG (the 6-man) and the other instances that I have my eyes on.  In no particular order:

So far, I’ve upgraded a few items – my spear (65 3rd age), my shield (the Mirkwood crafted one), a new horse, and a new necklace.  I still haven’t found a good javelin yet – but since I don’t attack all that much with it while grouped, the healing/ICPR boost is more of a requirement.  My other gear isn’t horrible at all, but I’m always looking to upgrade.  I’ll probably craft a Lorien bracelet here shortly to help on the ICPR a bit as that seems a bit low while my power pool is pretty high.  Please take a look at my current setup on MyLotro and let me know if I’m missing anything obvious.

Below are a few screenshots you can check out as well.

New Horse

New horse with Dol Guldur in the background


New Shield Looks


New Equipment

I really want to finish DN at some point and I’m itching to get into the new raid, but I need to do some serious dungeon farming to get there.  I should get into a better semblance of a schedule here soon and that should help as more groups are forming up.

Outside of my warden, I have been leveling my captain – granted it is a bit selfish as I really just wanted to get enough reputation to craft a shield for my warden 😉  What I do now, I haven’t quite figured out – I may work on my minstrel to get him caught up and get enough reputation to craft some goodies.

More later, and hopefully some more group videos!