Quick correction on the Mirkwood reputation rewards

I just realized that I confused the new mounts a bit.  I wasn’t aware the the reward for completing all the Mirkwood Dol Guldur hard modes was a horse 🙂  So, the horse I linked in this post yesterday, is the war steed which is the reward for completing the hard-modes.

The actual reputation horse which is barterable for 20 gold star medallions is shown on the Steeds of Middle Earth site and a snapshot below:

Personally, I’m not sold on the war-steed look but this rep horse looks pretty slick 😉  I’ll be sporting a new horse in no less then 2 days!

6 responses to “Quick correction on the Mirkwood reputation rewards

  1. A horse for completing all the hard modes! I didn’t know that either. I prefer the rep horse too though I’m not going to abandon my guardian’s Vol 1 pride and joy.

  2. The black one is a different look, but I can’t imagine that I’d go for another horse before the map.

    • For my warden, I already have the port – so the horse will be first. Not sure about my other toons yet, but they’re still quite behind. And they each have a rep horse already so the added durability isn’t really an issue.

  3. I like the rep horse much better than the hard-mode one, at least based on those pictures. The war steed looks a little carnival-ish some how.

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