Mirkwood reputation and Skirmish rewards

I should have at least two more posts today, one with some warden info and the other with some updates from yesterday (including videos).  And there may or may not be a Bioware rant in there too…

I hadn’t seen this listed out before, and I certainly hadn’t see the horse pictured so I figured I’d share these links from the main forums.  None of the rewards are terribly exiting but the potions are nice and the damage scrolls are very handy.  Otherwise, Mirkwood reputation is a bit underwhelming.

Pretty good listing of non-legendary item reputation rewards

Horse Screenshot (Complete all 4 Dol Guldur Hard Modes)

Mirkwood War Steed

Horse Screenshot (20 Gold Star Emblems)

Mirkwood Smokey Black Reputation Horse


Above’s a shot of the reputation vendor, and me showing off the dress.  And yes, it does look great with my new ranger mask 😉  The other dress looks the same just without the sleeves.  The Scroll of Delving is what adds 10 levels to your legendary item (Edit – Per MisterEcho any item up to level 65) and the Scroll of Renewal resets your spent legendary points to zero allowing you to re-allocate them if you want.  And for clarification the Scroll of Delving doesn’t change the damage output of the LI, it just allows you to gain more experience on it to increase the ranks of your legacies.  The weapon damage scrolls are at the bottom and there are a few, but they’re all Beleriand damage + 3 to a particular mob type.

I also wanted to post the links to the skirmish rewards that Merric posted over on CStM as he was nice enough to not only compile the list of items you can see in the dressing room but also with some help show the soldier items too.

Cosmetic Clothing

Cosmetic Items

Elf Maiden

Redeeming Marks

9 responses to “Mirkwood reputation and Skirmish rewards

  1. So Doc, what are your thoughts on the items you can barter for? We’ve only been through the intro area, but we were pretty underwhelmed by the options.

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

    • I’m on the fence about the horse, it is starting to grow on me. The damage scrolls are MUCH easier to obtain then the Lorien ones so that’s very nice. I like the concept of the multi-output recipes but neither the stats nor appearance are all that exciting. I was hoping there’d be some kindred crafting one-shot recipes, but sadly there aren’t any.
      So I think the ability to obtain the rewards is very well done but sadly they’re not quite as desirable as the Lorien ones.

  2. I hope they don’t do this to the proud Rohirrim Horses… 😦

    There is something fishy going on regarding the guys who made the Galadhrim War Horse screenshot. Seems they did some things in a not entirely legit way or some epeen war started or something like that.

    The screenshots unfortunately is of low quality, no AA, grainy and all that. Maybe it looks better, but the general style of the War Horse does not look much like a War Horse to me. Rather a Circus Horse.

    TBH the endgame of SoM seems to be to farm Sword halls and/or run skirmishes to get enough scrolls to upgrade legacies till perfection. Sammath Gûl runs for those who hope for a 2nd Age weapon with great legacies. It is unfortunately not guaranteed that the 2nd Age weapon has desireable legacies, i.e. you can throw away any Champion weapon with the crit damage legacy IMO. So I personally made myself a list of my favorite legacies on weapon and rune, got lucky to get a proper weapon and bought a rune that was within the desired parameters. I am pimping the rune right now with scrolls, the Axe is already as much upgraded as it is possible.

    • Yeah, I probably will get one as there’s not much else that I will need to use those gold stars for. And I’m already close, so I’ll post a screeny when I get it.

      As for the end-game, I agree as I think many are still working towards enough radiance to do the 12-man. I know my kin is running it, but most other groups seem to have taken a bit of a break for the holidays. But I rarely see LFF’s for warg-pens or the dungeons which is a bit discouraging.

      I at least like the fact that there’s a predetermined path to getting a better legendary item. It is a grind, but at least there is some way of getting an item and working to make it better with a known outcome. This still isn’t perfect, but I like the step. I haven’t even bothered with worrying about a second age and would’ve passed on the symbol if it had dropped in our group last night. I’m really hoping that Volume 3 will have some new toys for legendary items.

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  4. Quote “The Scroll of Delving is what adds 10 levels to your legendary item (Level 65s only)” the scroll of delving can be used on weapons up to level 65 I believe i.e. I was able to apply the scroll to my lvl 60 2nd age crossbow to allowed me to level to 70 and get extra legacy points to spend and upgrade the teir on 1 legacy, which is a handy boost for me while I level my lvl 65 crossbow to a usable level. I picked up the rep horse, very nice.

    • You’re right, that scroll is for level 65s or lower. I was confusing the scroll of delving with the Scroll of Empowerment (legacy tier upgrade) as that one has a lesser version that only works for max level 60. So I assumed there was a Mirkwood version and a Moria one, but the Mirkwood ones work for Moria items just not the other way around. Will update my post 🙂

      • Mirkwood medium Tailor recipies: I made 3 out of 4 multi out options for the medium armour sets from Mirkwood and found as you have said the stats to be not that great, my lothlorien guild set is far superior on every stat, I made the crited haleness, Power and life sets, the life set has extra on use stats but they still dont stack up against the loth gear. For example on my hunter I get about 550 agility, 445 vitality and 300+ on the rest with the lothlorien gear on, the mirkwood sets were about 20 – 25% less. although the power set did give me the most power reaching 3300 but morale was way down below 4000. On the plus side the red power set gear is very nice looking and was complimented a few times by passer by’s in game, also I felt the Haleness black/white combination looks very well up on the Mirkwood rep smoky horse. So if its looks your after there worth the few hides and crit items. I was also very disappointed to find there was no improved craftable gear from kindred in Mirkwood, i’ll be using the loth set for a while I think. Heres looking forward to doing sword halls ect for the rad gear.
        Were does one get a lesser scroll of enpowerment?

      • Yeah, I agree on the craftables – I haven’t looked at the heavy armor sets, but there is some good looking cosmetic medium set stuff for sure.

        As for the lesser scroll of empowerment, it is available from the skirmish vendors – the legendary item one (the regular one is too). And I think it was stuck in my head from beta as I saw those rewards from the start and didn’t see the mirkwood ones till live.

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