New Year’s with Dragon Age

So, I hinted at this in my previous post as I think there’s a bunch of really cool news in the Dragon Age Origins world.  Yes I’m still playing it, and enjoy it as a nice distraction from LOTRO.  I’m still working through on normal mode – if I play through again I will definitely crank up the difficulty as this run-through with my dual-wielding warrior is seeming a tad easy.

Onto the news, I can’t wait for tomorrow as the first big piece of downloadable content (DLC) for DA:O is being released.  It is the Return to Ostagar and allows us to return to Ostagar to find out what happened during the battle and what happened to the king.  And of course, pick-up his sweet looking set of armor.  I’m also really hoping to find out what happened to Duncan, so you’ll know what I’m up to tomorrow once it becomes available.  The cost for this DLC is $5 and I’m ok with that price tag for now, we’ll see how many of these they release and to what quality level before I change my mind on it.

Now, the other piece of news which I have mixed thoughts on is the tease of an expansion coming out in March. has the scoop on this but the original report comes from  They’re supposedly talking about 15 hours of content (good amount for me) chronologically following DA:O.  Now the part that I’m not so sure about is they mention a completely new main character and increased level cap.  I’m not sure how those 2 will work as that just doesn’t make sense to me.  Hopefully, its something like a new class option or race (they mention a new origin story) as I’d love to continue the story with one of my characters.

So it certainly looks like the adventures in Ferelden will continue throughout the year and I’ll be checking in on things from time to time for sure.


2 responses to “New Year’s with Dragon Age

  1. I’ll hold judgment until it arrives, but I’m a bit concerned about the rumored price tag (Gamestop lists it at $40 for the XBox 360). If it’s true, all of the DLC and expansions to the game will cost almost as much as the base game did, making this possibly the first software-only $100+ console game (even before the DLC coupon that comes with the box expires).

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