LOTROCast’s interview with Orion

If you aren’t subscribed to the LOTROCast podcast, I highly recommend it and especially for this episode as they have a very long and in-depth conversation with Orion.  Now certainly there are some questions Orion can’t answer but there’s quite a bit of info in there that is VERY exciting.  Not all of it is focused on LOTRO but Turbine and his background as well.  I won’t spoil my favorite part of the interview – but lets just say it relates to the Volume 3 release.

The other big piece for me is that Orion’s favorite class to play is a Warden!

Make sure you check it out over on LOTROCast.com.


2 responses to “LOTROCast’s interview with Orion

  1. I was very pleased with the interview as I got to take away three encouraging pieces of info:

    1. Favorite class is a warden, as you note
    2. Also loves Minstrels and enjoys support classes in general
    3. Most anticipating Gondor.

    All three of these equally apply to myself – making it a strange case of actually hoping a developer sticks around. Usually for me in MMO’s, the devs are all gung-ho DPS/PvP freaks and I tend to feel we’re getting scraps. With Orion, I really feel I have an advocate in there pulling for the things that matter to me.

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