Turbine in the holiday spirit

In addition to all the previously announced contests mentioned on my blog here for either the Adventurer’s Pack, Mirkwood expansion or both but they’ve now upped the offer even more with Massively.  The win a lifetime with LOTRO contest offers people the chance to win:

  • 1 lifetime subscription + the full game +adventurer’s pack
  • 2 lifetime subscriptions
  • 20 Siege of Mirkwood Complete edition keys

Holy cow, those are some nice offers.  I for one won’t be entering as I’ve already bought all those – but certainly for all you monthly folks out there this is a great opportunity!

Deadline is December 26th at 8am EST – don’t miss out, the link again is here!


4 responses to “Turbine in the holiday spirit

  1. victorstillwater

    I can’t participate since I live in the Philippines. Boo 😦

    • Sorry to hear that, I feel bad for ya’ll that get left out in these promotions – hopefully they do spread it around enough to include everyone!

      • It’s a legal thing, so I understand. Still hoping I win SOM through one of the blog contests, but my luck is usually bad with these sorts of things. And I have a bad sense of humor, so I probably won’t make ethic laugh in the killtenrats contest. 😦

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