Turbine 2010 Plans – Volume 3 target date

According to Adam Mersky at Turbine, via MMOrpg.com, Volume 3 is on target for a February release.  I think most other posts had the info that Volume 3 would be the first content release after Mirkwood and “Early” in 2010 but this was the first “date” I’ve seen.  Other updates throughout the year are promised but no actual information – which isn’t surprising.

Seems about right, 2-ish months after Mirkwood – but that probably means there’s not too much in Volume 3.  So most likely, no Rohan, no mounted combat, but probably some land-mass.  Possibly Fangorn or Isengard as I’d expect the rest of Mirkwood to be more closely tied with a Hobbit movie release.   Isengard might make sense as we’re pretty much at the end of the Fellowship book (or pretty darn close) and that area is starting to cause more issue with the rest of Middle-Earth.

Anyway, we shall all see soon – at least what’s in Volume 3 😉


7 responses to “Turbine 2010 Plans – Volume 3 target date

  1. I’d be pretty surprised if we ever see major features – e.g. new zones or mounted combat – in a non-paid book patch again. I expect that Volume III will take place primarily in Mirkwood, with the move to a new one to be saved for the next paid expansion.

    • Agreed that there won’t be any new major features, but I would expect some new land mass. Mirkwood’s pretty small and unless book 1 of Volume 3 is very short they’d need some more room to flush it out. We’ve got another year and probably a good 4-6 books until the next expansion at least, so they’ll have to transition somewhere soon.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more northward movement into the Gladden Fields, Beornings, and the remainder of Mirkwood. Hobbit movie tie-ins be damned. 🙂

  3. Interesting- lets keep our fingers crossed for more teritory!

    I wondered if they may fill in the linking zone between that corner of Mirkwood/Dol Guldur and Fangorn/Rohan- so a diagonal strip (including the field of Celebrant!) of the Browns Lands (where the Entwives gardens of old where) crossing the Anduin River, or just go straight for the throat and realease a narrow strip/swift travel out of Lorien to Fangorn (ala Ered luin)?

    I guess the Brown Lands may seem a little dull, but with the Entwives and field of Celebrant back story, and the fellowship travelling through that area by boat, there may be enough to really flesh it out, and its when the designers do that that I love this game the more! I for one am happy to bimble my way to Mordor, but I guess some may get bored of the waiting!

    Map for reference:

    • LOL, I should specify, my comments apply to the next release Vol 3, Book 2 and the general speculations about the future release areas- not naturally Vol 3, Book 1, which we of course now know about!

      • Yeah I do think we’re headed in that direction I’m just not real sure of the ranger back-story which it appears we’re starting on. How much of that story they decide to do will probably dictate how long it takes for us to get to Rohan proper.

        btw, thanks for the link to the map 🙂 I’m going to add it to my links as it is very nice.

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