My new legendary items and latest adventures

First off I wanted to share my first 2 decent level 65 3rd age legendary items – sadly the axe looks absolutely horrible.  I’m really going to struggle equipping it!  However, you’ll notice that my spear does gain a Pool A legacy on the level 20 reforge – so it does happen!

NewAxe NewSpear

Both are actually shaping up pretty well, I’m still using my 60 First age spear and 60 2nd Age Javelin but I’ll probably switch my main hand weapon pretty soon as the DPS and additional runes make a big difference.

I also took a couple more videos from my adventures in Mirkwood.  I’m just going to post the links as there are potential spoilers in them and I don’t want to ruin the stories for those who haven’t done them yet.

Starlight and Shadows instance

Gollum in Mirkwood

The first one is from one of the 3-man quests and really is just a quick fight – but some decent things going on there that might be of interest for folks.  Pretty good example of working together and hunters pulling out various tricks.  Plus you do actually get to see me tanking 😉  And the Gollum video I just really enjoyed the quest line (just like the one in Tal Bruinen), so I figured I’d share.

4 responses to “My new legendary items and latest adventures

  1. Got a pool A legacy on a 65 minstrel dagger last night at level 20 also- and exactly the one I needed for the weapon to “make”.

  2. LI weapons are number two on my list behind hats of ugly models in LoTRO. I actually kept my initial LI bow from the Moria intro quests for about 5 extra levels because I disliked the 3rd age drops so much. My workaround so far has been to just use a dagger instead of a sword for melee, but I did have to go ahead and get a 59 bow eventually. Weapons cosmetics slots would be a great addition.

    • I haven’t looked at too many LIs in the 60-65 range as I’ve still been using my Moria ones. But at least with Moria it seemed like there were a few different models, I’m not sure that’s the case now – or at least from what I could see on the AH.

      And there are some decent helms, but they are few and far between. Luckily they’re hidden by cloaks 😉

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