Yule festival and beer

The Yule festival started today, and I’m having a blast.  CStM has the full scoop on the festival, the quests, rewards, etc so check it out there for the details.  I did end up getting the new horse – which doesn’t look that much different, but a tad prettier.  I’ve done all the quests so far and nothing terribly exciting with the quests, but the rewards are quite cool (IMO).

Here’s some screen shots of me with a couple of the new items and both yule horses in front of my house.  The new horse is on the left.

ScreenShot00167 ScreenShot00169 ScreenShot00180

By far the best part of the festival is the beer fight.  I’ve uploaded a video of one of the runs, but there’s no cooldown (not sure that’s intended or not) and not only do you get barter tokens but Inn League Reputation!  So I finally have the dance_jig emote 🙂


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