Fun times with Flake droppers

So I posted this on You-tube but it was one of those fun fights where after a while I realized I was being incredibly stupid and not fighting with weapons or a shield.  You would’ve thought I would figure that out sooner – but it took me until I was at about 1/3 health to realize how big an idiot I am.  Luckily this is something wardens are really good at recovering from and I was able to morale surf enough to bring him down.  And now I have another Mithril flake waiting for when I get to Kindred with the Mirkwood elves and see what goodies they have to craft.

2 responses to “Fun times with Flake droppers

  1. How do you capture video on your system? I’m intrigued by that, and want to take vids of my own adventures.

    • I’m slowly figuring this all out, but by no means am I an expert. These last couple of videos have gone rather smoothly, so here’s what I’m currently doing. I use a tool called Fraps to capture the audio/video from LOTRO – I paid $30 for it but it seems to be the best tool out there. XFire is another option but I had issues with that as I could only capture with certain compression schemes. This video is uncompressed, so I use a tool called Avidemux to compress and edit it. It is a free tool highly recommended by the folks over at CNet – so more trustworthy then some other free-ware tools out there. I’m just using the MPEG4 compression and not mucking with too many other settings and it appears to be working fine for now. I also then realized through YouTube if you use Google Gears you can upload multiple videos at a time which is pretty handy as well.
      Now I don’t do a whole lot of editing, so I’m sure others have more elegant solutions then what I have but so far it seems to be working relatively painlessly.

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