Friday’s LOTRO skirmish recap

So I’ve been having a blast today with my new soldier, the herbalist.  I saw some info on the forums that they’re bugged but I certainly noticed she was a huge help for me.  I’m not saying I think they’re perfect, but I liked her.  Her ICMR buff, HoTs and PoTs all were very helpful as I ripped through some tier 2 skirmishes.  Here’s a video of some of the action from today’s skirmish fun.  Here are my latest skirmish stats, feel free to post yours in the comments.

In addition, I wanted to share some other info regarding skirmishes.

First off is info on the Lieutenants:

And as I sure many of you (like me) have wondered with all these cosmetic options – how do they actually look.  I haven’t tried too many, but did find some links on the boards showing some of them:

And finally, with skirmishes there’s the bag devouring collection of marks you’ll end up with after a few runs.  Some are used in bartering for items, some barter for normal marks, and others are just normal drops that are helpful in off-setting the cost of repairs.  LOTRO Reporter has a really good breakdown of all these so I’m just going to post the link here.

Have fun, and happy skirmish time!


6 responses to “Friday’s LOTRO skirmish recap

  1. I’m pretty fond of my Herbalist (paired with a Champion), but it did seem like they got a really slow start – I needed to sink hundreds of skirmish marks into the project to get the healing up to snuff. I wish there was an easier way to test drive soldiers than that.

    • yeah, I’m a few hundred in as well – maybe even close to 1000. And I have another 1000 ready to go. I think this is more indicative in that we’ve jumped in at 60 and are catching up. If we started with the system at 30 I don’t think it would be as noticeable of an issue.

  2. After using a soldier the first skirmish I ran, I realized that I am not that great of a Warden and have a lot to learn, and dying sucks. But after going the herbalist things have been much more fun since then. Now that I have a few hundred marks saved up, I just need to figure out how to spend them.

  3. Give the sage a whirl and you wont be disappointed. I tried herbalist in hopes that it would be a pocket LM for me with the ultimate pwr skill as well and works fine for that end. However in group play isnt as great.

    Try out the sage with the frost ultimate and all other aoe’s. AoE dps and the +attack duration debuff from ultimate frost skill (+40%) stacks with chilling wids (15%) to make mobs have a +60% attack duration. One of those %s is wrong for single skills because I’m sure it stacks to total of 60%. Anyway, an aoe debuff like that prevents more dmg than the herbalist can heal quite frankly. And the AoE dps of the sage will help burn mobs faster. Throw off 1 or 2 morale leeches and dps lieutenants and everything will be down real fast with you taking very little dmg your leeches cant take care of. No need for shield gambit self heals with sage. Try it and let me know how it works out for ya 😀

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