More warden videos

I uploaded 2 more videos for ya’ll to check out.  First one is my warden running the Fords of Bruinen skirmish.  Spoiler alert – I do show a couple encounters and the final fight, which is pretty darn cool if you haven’t seen it.

I also took a video of me in the Morrovals Dolven View instance as I realized my javelin didn’t have a damage scroll on it.  So I figured I’d mess around and see how few pulls I could clear it in.  I did it in 3, but wasn’t playing well as you’ll notice I did have to pop man heal 😦

Also, please check out the new Videos page I’ve added here – which links to my YouTube channel.


2 responses to “More warden videos

  1. Nice couple of videos. I was rather impressed with the aoe fighting in the second on, something I haven’t tried much of at level 32.

    • yeah, wardens can handle quite a bit – something I was reminded of earlier today when trying to do various MIrkwood quests on my captain. But a lot of the AOE aspects don’t come into play until the later levels…

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