Various updates

I won’t be in game too much the next few days as I’m out of town with my family – however I wanted to get out a quick update on a few items.  But this next week I should be on quite a bit and look to get some more videos posted as well as the new instances.  My goal is to have my warden at 65 by this next weekend (12/11) and will be running at least the 3 and 6 mans.

After a 3-month hiatus, Ringcast has a new episode out – I don’t know about you guys, but I really can’t get enough LOTRO related Podcasts – check it out. Interviews with Jeffrey Steefel and Patience as well as other Mirkwood news.

There’s a really good skirmish Q & A post over on the Casual Stroll to Mordor that I highly recommend if are having issues.

This next part if more of a request – I’d love to figure out how to pull info from MyLotro as I really want to be able to share skirmish info.  If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on how to do this or even where to start, I would be greatly appreciative.  For now, I can share the links to my Warden’s MyLotro page:

Skirmish Log

Skirmish Stats


2 responses to “Various updates

  1. Ok, the snow on effect on the page is kick ass.

    Thanks for the update on the podcast, love listening to LOTRO talk.

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